Li Ning Hilarious Video Ad

Li Ning, the Chinese shoe company who's trying to break into the American market, released a funny video ad about its shoes. But before the clip, let's talk about it first. Li Ning is kinda China's Nike. They make colorful all rubber shoes that well, supposedly perform better than Adidas. Well, I'm all about the Chinese getting a fair share of the American dream, but honestly I still have this avert attitude towards Chinese products. It's because everytime you hear the word China you quickly associate it with "bootleg" or "fake" or whatever.

But props to Li Ning. It looks like it has potential. Watch it below:

Notable lines were:

Kiss him. Kiss him!
I'm Li Ning towards kicking your ass!
These are the F2. F me? F youuuuuu!

So watch out Nike! I guess. If Li Ning wants to break into the American market, it should induce this "cheap but high quality" image amongst the American youth. But it's larger than that. I won't talk about it.

'Till my next installment.

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