Photo of the Day: We Don't Serve the Philippines Because They are Spammers

Every now and then a country's group of bad apples come together and represent the nation as a whole. So while I was doing my usual TrafficAdBar routine, a website popped with this huge picture and huge letters in a black background. Look at the photo I took below to see what I'm talking about:

It's real alright, no doubt to it. If you're a Filipino living in the Philippines, go to and see if your page returns the same result I had above.

Unfortunately for them this kind of security screen is easily breached with the use of an anonymizer. Go here and enter the address I gave you above exactly as it is. See, you're inside that website. Now you now what an anonymizer is.

So remember kids, if next time someone internationally denies their services to you, don't say they're racist. Instead, ask them: "Why? Is it because I'm a spammer?" Hah.

'Till my next installment.

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