GMA's Teleserye Shows

The GMA Network must have either the most brilliant or the dullest creative team that gives the network the titles for its daily soap operas. See, it's because I have a bone to pick with the titles of their latest teleseryes. Why? Just read on below and you'll know why. See the titles of their latest teleseryes below:

Alakdana - literally translated the "Scorpion Woman";
Koreana - Another way to spell Jun Pyo;
Dwarfina - Fortunately there's only 1 Dwarfina. Imagine if Snow White had 7 Dwarfinas;
Negrita - Racism does not follow;
Machete - This is not the blade you're thinking of right now

See how the first four sound alike and Machete is the only the odd one out? On one hand, this could be a very good marketing strategy. It's a basic principle in marketing that when one names a product, the name should be short and brief but yet it describes the product well and that other people can easily recall it. Get the idea? Now when you say Alakdana, you can easily recall the actors and actresses associated with it right? You can also recall that the show is all about a woman scorpion. See how it works?

On the other hand, it could simply be an absolute lack of creativity of the folks from the GMA Network. I mean, the titles above are good titles, but wouldn't they have thought of something better? Because as far as I'm concerned, all I'm seeing (or remembering at least. Selective memory) from GMA these past few years are one-liner superhero or underdog-themed shows such as Darna, Gagambino, Grazilda, Illumina, etc. That's not to say that GMA shows have a one-liner title format.

Oh well. Whatever. They're the TV station anyway. And I have no say on whatever they plan to do on their teleseryes. It's not like Batman, Superman and Spiderman were invented yesterday (all one-liner titles).

'Till my next installment.

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