Matt Bacak Won't Stop Sending Spam & Junk

A couple of months ago I subscribed to Matt Bacak's and Alex Sultanic's Mass Money Makers (which has received lots of genuine negative reviews BTW, Bacak intentionally using his Clickbank account on his video as a "real" example that his system works for one) just to check what's up. Apparently it was the worst subscription of my life.

See, Matt Bacak sends me spam non-stop. He has yet to part anything of value in his junk mails. Everytime his three-hundred gajillion strong automailers send something, it's either he's selling rehashed SEO crap or he's selling rehashed SEO crap. And everytime he has this ridiculous parting line like "It's killer" or something.

The worst part is, I've unsubscribed a million times from his automailers and yet he still keeps on it. Is his "unsubscribe" option broken? Or maybe he's missing something like the "We respect your privacy" clause?

So here's a big fat middle finger to Matt Bacak for still sending me his garbage. You've been in the game for a long time now, everybody has associated you with bad products. So stop sending me garbage.

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  1. I am also getting his garbage!

  2. Yeh me too he (Bacak) teaches how to make a pile of money from email lists and enjoys it sooo much he is unable to resist spamming the tits of everyone.
    This twat just will not allow you to unsubscribe. Don't EVER sign up for any of these two bastards. They sell you on to other spammers as well.
    Good, old fashioned, spam crooks.

  3. I've contacted Getresponse on this matter, and apparently they do not have anybody by the name of Matt Bacak under their client list of names. Getresponse suspects that he is using a "fake" unsubscribe link and they're doing whatever in their power, to stop this abuse, since the unsubscribe link which contains Getresponse is bad news for their reputation. H

    ope this whackjob goes down soon.

  4. He is on GetResponse, The email headers prove it, You need to send them the whole email headers intact. It wont do anything though cause I complained to them in May. I should never have bought that worthless scam product.

  5. He even sends me spam tests!


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