Pokemon Flora Sky Final Version and Walkthrough Guide Download

Update: I just updated the Pokemon Flora Sky Walkthrough link. The guide is now in English and in the Microsoft Word .docx format.

It's Pokemon time again here. If you remember I previously posted about Ciro's Pokemon Maker and made it available for download. Now I'm going to talk about a fantastic Pokemon Emerald-based emulation hack for the PC and the PSP – Pokemon Flora Sky.

What is Pokemon Flora Sky you ask? It's an edited version of Pokemon Emerald in which a new story is laid, new pokemons – coming from Generations IV and V – are to be caught, and where a whole new land is to be explored. I've been playing it myself and it has my approval.

It's kind of difficult to play, because even if you do a level grind on your Pokemon, the city Gym Leaders and your opponents would always be near or around your level. Sheer strength aside, a little bit of strategy would also be needed.

Pokemon Flora Sky features:

• Gen IV and V Pokemon, including Legendaries
• New storyline
• Day and night GUI
• New map, town, building and tree sprites
• New Pokemon Center options

Recently, Pokemon Flora Sky's final version has been released. It has lots of major and minor bug fixes, considering all the previous Pokemon Flora Sky versions were incomplete betas. So scroll on down below to download the Pokemon Flora Sky Final Version:

Click HERE to download the Pokemon Flora Sky Final Version*

File name: 1986 - Pokemon - Emerald Version (U).gba
Size: 32MB
Status: Scanned, 0 security concerns found
Format: .gba
Files: 1

*Note: The ROM you will be downloading is titled "1986 - Pokemon - Emerald Version (U).gba but it is already UPS patched to be Pokemon Flora Sky. Just paste and play.

And seeing that this Pokemon game is relatively new, you can't avoid getting lost on quests and prerequisites. So I'm also throwing in a Pokemon Flora Sky walkthrough guide to assist you in playing through the game.

Click HERE to download the Pokemon Flora Sky Walkthrough Guide

Anyway, you can play Pokemon Flora Sky right in your desktop, but if you have gPSP installed in your Playstation Portable you can play it in there too.

With regards to cheating your way through Pokemon Flora Sky, it's possible through Ciro's Pokemon Maker. See, every new Pokemon sprite you can find in Pokemon Flora Sky has an existing equivalent from its base, in this case it's Pokemon Emerald. It's just a simple matter of changing the Pokemon sprites and cry, but its general code is the same all throughout. For example, you have Charizard in Pokemon Emerald. Here in Pokemon Flora Sky that same Charizard's sprite and cry has been replaced with Torterra. So basically if you use Charizard Pokemon Emerald modifier codes and apply it on Flora Sky, your Torterra will be modified to your liking. The only problem is, you have to find which Pokemon in Flora Sky is its equivalent in Emerald. Go figure.

Credits to Sky and the Pokemon Community forums for creating and spreading the Pokemon Flora Sky Final Version. And of course me, for redistributing it in patched download.

'Till my next installment.


Yes, it's Pokemon Flora Sky. I wouldn't have put screencaps otherwise.

Walkthrough seems to be in a language other than the English/Spanish I can understand...pity

i finished playing it! but when i beat e4 and cynthia! it says your battery run drY! and i need to start the game all over again!!!! that bug fixed in this version?????

walkthrough is in vietnamese pls pls upload an english tnx!

Okay. I love this game about 100x more than Emerald. This is awesome!

replying to post no11... its not cut anymore... its air cutter...

how can i change my pokeballs in masterball??i cant catch mewtwo using ultraball...ive used 50 ultraball but still cant catch it...help...

Woah.... My level 15 Ralts beat a Level 35 pichu
pICHUS'S Attacks
Sweet Kiss
Tail Wip

Ok.Walkthru links down dude

Reupload will be appreciated :)

can't find any walkthrough - still stucked >_<

Hey guys,

I'm sorry for the downed link. I'm going to look for an extra copy of that guide and re-up it ASAP. I hope that I didn't delete my backups.


If someone among you has a back-up of the walkthrough posted here, please upload it at Mediafire and share the link here. It would be greatly appreciated by me and by other visitors.

i cant enter the dark cave because it has a mist and also in the gym of searound city how can i see through them?? please help i have an No$Gba emulator.. thanks

Just updated the Pokemon Flora Sky walkthrough link. For those guys who're stuck in an area or having a difficult time locating quests, download it now.

theres a save fail everytime i try to save..... help .

what the heck do you download this to every time i try to download it to firefox or internet explorer it doesnt work please help me!

the guide is in a different language, btw very nice game probably better than shiny gold

i can't get the gold pass from may, it stop's at "so... how about a little battle" then there's no battle. i can walk around but the text is still there. p.s. i'm filipino too

this game are really so hard for me.but i enjoy it.

Can you upload the guide in English not Vietnamese? The guide begins in English then later on transitions into Vietnamese.

where can i find hm rockclimb??
please help me..

.i cant open your .docx walkthrough..it says error blah blah..can you make a pdf version?tnx...

i was in team magma bulding in an island and when i finished battling them i got a call and it said it will teleport me me to platepics city but instead it teleported me between trees! now i cant move nor i have HM fly yet
i thought it was just a bug so i saved but when i started it's same
how i i unstuck myself?!

hey can u help me there is a problem in the game where in when u defeated the elite 4 and the champion in the second time...., there is a message that says "the file has been erased due to corruption or damage"...., how can i fix it? can u help me guys...., please

exactly how many pokemon are there in pokemon flora sky? please reply.

Office Site: http://pokemonflorasky.com

how to get rock climb....pls help to get arceus

Pessoal preciso de ajuda, toda vez q escolho o pokemon neste jogo ele trava! o q eu faço por favor ajuda preciso jogar!

caso alguem possa me ajudar o e-mail é: lordperin@hotmail.com!

this game is great really awesome but when i finished the game for the second time my save file has been erased how can i prevent it from happening again? please help me guys. TY

his game is great really awesome but when i finished the game for the second time my save file has been erased how can i prevent it from happening again? please help me guys. TY

yo ya lo pase la primera vez y se me borro jaja
i already pass the game for the first time but it was already erased.

yo ya lo pase la primera vez y se me borro jaja
i already pass the game for the first time but it was already erased.

How do I play this on my Wii vbaGX emulator? I've tried all sorts of flora sky roms and even the ones from the official site..but I always get "error loading game" when launching Flora Sky on wii vbaGX

why traded pokemon from emerald ignore me? even if i have the first badge my level 10 mudkip dont listen to me.
is there anything i can do?

what is a good fire type i can get pretty early in the game?

I cant use rock climb it doesnt even show up in the pop up bar (the one that has summary, switch etc) does anyone know whats going on?

defeat e4 again then u can use rock climb

I need help, when I'm going to teleport from the magma building to Platepics city I'll be teleported into a tree. I can't move or anything else. Dafuq is that?!

use this code for access fly map AE44960EADD6

the good fire type pokemon is charizard

Why in the fuck is 80% of the walkthrough guide in some other fuggin language? i dont speak fucking hebrew and now im stuck at a certain spot in the game! this is fucking retarded!


Download is a .txt document. Da fuq is that about?

someone help...!!!!i can't go back to platepics city, im stuck in searound city , that april dude left me on this island...help wanted...!!!

Help!! How can I load my pokemon flora sky after i defeat the e4 cause it says that it is erased

Help me please ...

It is a great game but why would you allow the walkthrough to say it's English when it's not? This annoying y'know.

I'm currently playing sienna but I really want to play this one!

anyway I have seen this comment:

Help!! How can I load my pokemon flora sky after i defeat the e4 cause it says that it is erased

is this a bug?

@Ikku Summers

There's no bug as far as I know. Finished the game and encountered nothing so far.


Mine just freezes everytime i click to have my starter pokemon.... anyone know any fixes?

Mine just freezes everytime i click to have my starter pokemon.... anyone know any fixes?

your English document is incomplete, half of the walkthrough is in German.

I cant go back to searound city i have been teleported back to platicis thats ehy i cqnt go back......and i cant find polar forest icant find where it is........help me please....

fing game confusing as f-so annoying they blockage everywhere

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