Angry Birds Cheats, Hacks, Tips & Tricks for Facebook

The smash hit Angry Birds – the best-selling mobile game of 2010 that was developed and published by Rovio Mobile Ltd. – will be coming to Facebook soon! It's so surefire in fact that Rovio Mobile Ltd. has already published an Angry Birds Facebook fan page!

As of this writing, 1,434,934 have already liked the Angry Birds Facebook fan page.

The objective of the Angry Birds game is to launch your "angry" birds at the green pigs and smash them to pieces. The game finishes once you hit all the green pigs or when you have ran out of birds to fling in the air.

Each angry bird has its own unique ability. They can smash through walls, drop egg bombs, explode on contact or pierce through wood panels. But Rovio Mobile Ltd. promised that there will be lots of new features at this upcoming Angry Birds on Facebook. All we can do currently is guess.

Angry Birds is currently available on the iPhone, Android, Nokia N900, Palm Pre, PC, and the Playstation Portable.

Stay tuned at this page because we'll release Angry Birds cheats and hacks once it goes live at Facebook and once cheats become available.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. What!? No Cheats...Damn its so hard when I get to the hard level

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