Middle East Angry Birds: "Three Big Pigs" YouTube Parody

The Middle East Angry Birds video below is just three days old and yet it already garnered 460,000+ views. It's about the toppling of Arab powers in the Middle East, depicted in a humorous light coupled with a catchy Disney tune.

Don't get me wrong though, war and death of people are in no way humorous, no sir. It is in fact unfortunate and sad. I guess the video maker just wants to put in light the events happening in the Middle East right now, and how crucial a role the United States of America plays in this crisis.

So without further ado, here's the Middle East Angry Birds: "Three Big Pigs" YouTube Parody:

Note: The Mighty Eagle represents the United States of America. And if you'll play through the credits, you'll actually see N.Korea's leader Kim Jong Il surrounded by nuclear weapons with the Mighty Eagle saying "I dunno guys, it's kinda scary," representing America's reluctance to dabble in North Korean affairs.

Personally I found the video hilarious, I mean the video itself. Not the war. This video has 6,000+ likes and 199 dislikes. You can say that I'm on the like side.

Anyway, what can you say about it?

'Till my next installment.

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