Say No to Mining in Palawan

I saw this informercial on TV about the pending mining activities in Palawan and I was quite distraught. I never knew that the Palawan's Puerto Princesa Underground River has a pending mining contract, and I'm Filipino! And to think that it's a top contender at the new 7 Wonders of the World contest. Not only that, there's lots of beautiful places in Palawan that are soon to be mining grounds. The irony.

See, these kinds of stuff never make it in the news. It's all about the corporate high-ups, bureaucracy, and money. Damn. If anyone with power would just care. So here I am doing my part to raise awareness about it: SAY NO TO MINING IN PALAWAN.

Go to this website and sign up for the petition. The site needs 10 million votes (about 10% of the total Filipino population) to make a significant blockade. As of this post, only 255,128 have signed up for it, including me. It would just take a minute of your time. Do sign up and try to contribute something that would be ultimately beneficial not only for the Philippines, but for Mother Nature as well.

It's a long, long way to 10 million strong, but with your help, the NO TO MINING IN PALAWAN guys can do it. So stop by their website and vote against mining!

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  1. Had a look today and site is down

  2. no to mining pls. for sake our mother nature


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