DHL Global Express Services Notification Email Scam

In my continuing series of email scams/trojan-containing messages, and when you think it's already going to be over, another burst of trojan-y notification emails blast their way through the internet. This time, it's from DHL Global Express Services.

If you've been following this blog, you'd know that I've recently posted about the FedEx and UPS notification email scams. Thing is, that was a few days ago. They're still going at it today. And the same goes with this new DHL Global Express Services notification email scam. I very well think the people responsible behind this DHL forgery were the ones behind the previous two too. Just for emphasis (and if this is your first time to be reading this message), here's the verbatim statement lifted directly from that trojan-y notification scam email from "DHL Global Expres Services":

Dear customer

The parcel was sent your home adress
And it will arrive within 10 business days

More information and the tracking number
are attached in document below.

Thank You

© 1994-2011 DHL.S Express Services, Inc.

Now, like I said in my two previous posts about these kinds of fake emails from courier services, these messages come with .zip attachments which will infect your computer with a trojan once downloaded. The attachment this time is called Do not download it. Instead, DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY. If you really have a package coming from DHL, UPS or FedEx and you receive an email like this, better call up your courier and confirm your package with them. It's better that way.

Also look for obvious grammar errors in  the message itself. Look for even the smallest error: A missing punctuation mark, a missing dot, an out of place apostrophe. Also look where the message came from. If it came from a or a, it's fake. Damn DHL Global Express Services notification email scam. Hope none of you fell prey to this again.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. andami talagang scams sa email, nakakabanas!

    anyway, thanks sa comment & totoo, bad hair day si lola nung araw na yun. hahahaha!

  2. Uu nga...dami talaga. sa akin nga, yong mga lottery Winner Notification....ahahahaha billionaire na cguro ako kung totoo yon...wahahahaha

  3. Very helpful, thank you!

    You would think if they were serious about spreading a trojan they would take more care over their awful grammar and punctuation!

    Fortunately carelessness like this makes me wary, so I googled the email address anyway and came up with this site - very useful!

    Have also had the UPS email-nasty!

  4. I received this email and it infected my computer. At least my IT personnel worked on it.
    In future, if really it's from an express service, why would they put the tracking number in an attachment. It should be written within the email.


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