Friendster Will Shut Down on May 31, 2011

No, Friendster will not shut down on May 31, 2011. Rather, they will upgrade their existing service into a more entertainment-focused one. Obviously the Friendster mania died a couple of years ago and they're not as profitable as they were before. So, to catch a break, they're bettering their social network service and hopefully it will attract new and former users alike. From Friendster:

We are introducing a new and improved Friendster site in the coming weeks. As part of this change, we will remove a number of social networking functions in Friendster. This includes your existing account profile, photos, messages, blogs, and shoutouts. However, your list of friends will be preserved, along with your basic profile information.

We understand that your photos, blogs and other private data may be important to you. An application is available in the "Apps" section of the site, until May 31st 2011, to help you download or export them securely to third party sites, such as Flickr or Multiply. The application is available here.

If you do not wish to keep any of these information, you do not need to do anything. Your Friendster account will not be deleted. Your Friendster Wallet, along with the coins and chips in it, will remain unchanged in the new site as long as you use your existing login details.

For more information on the Exporter app, please visit the Friendster Help page.

Thank you for using Friendster, we look forward taking you to a brand new Friendster experience very soon!

Do note that the letter says that they "will remove a number of social networking functions in Friendster" that "includes your existing account profile, photos, messages, blogs, and shoutouts." So I reckon there's not much social networking you can do in the Friendster social network. No photos, no shoutouts, no nothing. Just more games.

All that aside, you got until May 31, 2011 to save and migrate every photo or important somethings you have on your Friendster account because come June 1, 2011, all those memories would be gone.

Go here and follow the instructions the page says to retrieve or rechannel all your Friendster memories:

But like Singapore's Nick Khoo said, chances are this announcement would go unheeded, unheard, unnoticed, or ignored and people will be busy at Facebook growing their CityVille crops.

'Till my next installment.


I'm glad it won't shut down. Friendster is the only way to communicate with my boyfriend. :)

how could i save all my photos i can't even open my account

I can't open my account using that friendster exporter

your fs exporter is not working!!!make it work!!have so many important files there!!!!!

I'm sorry but that's just an image of the actual Friendster image exporter. You need to go to the actual Friendster site and access it there.

tell me how to acces fs ? i can't access it at this moment

damn it! Are you kidding us? You said we'll gonna get our photos for us to save it but then why is it that I can't open my account?

hey, your export thing is not working. been four hours yet they aren't in my multiply yet.. and that blog, i cant transfer it to blogger..


It works. Don't click on the image, click on the link at the end of the article

actuly you might wanna try this one

oh no! i did not already transfer my photos in friedster. PLEASE extent the time of exporting photos beacause only now i just know what happened to the friendster...

What the??? I cannot retrieve my blogs... U should have put more notice losers!!! No one will play your stupid games!! Grrrr

forgot to back-up everything..this is stupid

Damn Friendster! My blog is all gone and I didn't even know about it! They should at least have sent an email. Now I don't know how I can retrieve back all my posts. I'm really depressed.

and yes, all the memories were gone...
joining friendster is the biggest mistake
i'm planning to deactivate my fs account

fuk fs............. too many important photos..sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss fuk that SN

oh my!!! i cannnot open my friendster!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too many important pictures and files are there, what a dumbful thing!!! help ME,,, this is my email: friendster, come back!!! but at least im openingit once a week while i am using facebook.. what have i've done wrong with you friendster?? i am a friedster addict since elementary and i have a lot of memories in friendster,.. friendster introduced me to social networking sites so i dont think tou should delete it., and now it happened :( please ?? COME BACK!!! give me back my photos...

where is that new site??? i cannot open it!

damn idiot friendster... my pictures... how can i get back!!!!!!

Please, give back my old FRiENDSTER account. I have to get my old photos. Please, please..

nmn....ung mga photos ko....bwesetttttttttttt



ouch. is there no other way to recover/retrieve files and pictures from friendster now? i don't have any idea friendster had shut down.

Please give us a chance to retrieve our photos!!! Damn! they're so memorable! Got no soft copy nor hard copy of it... that was the only copy I had... :((.. So Sad,,,

makes me dont wanna use friendster anymore! where are the pics?! You should have gave us more time!

friendster is really a loser....
bad marketing strategies....
you will see the consequence of the crap you did.
your business will be in a deep sh*t.

is it possible to retrieve my photos? Friendster sucks if i won't be able to have my photos back!!!

Fuck u all damn friendster organizers!!!founders!!!u hv n0 respect to us!u l0st all our mp0rtant mem0ries!!h0pe u all suffer fr0m amnesia!ect to us!u l0st all our mp0rtant mem0ries!!h0pe u all suffer fr0m amnesia!

i hope they will bring back our photos, coz they are our memories...

friendster.. why no notification to save our photos... all da lost memories... how can that be repaid back!!! this is pure malaysian style customer service

Why friendster didnt announced in the media for changing their system, I could have had retrieve my pictures if I knew it beforehand, please could you put back the old friendster, there are still lots of people who uses friendster...I'm afraid to use this networking unlike email.. nothing could change my profile except me.. please friendster come back !!!

give me back my old memorieeesssss.......
somebody help me...!!

You could've sent us an email that your shutting down...This is so unfair...Can we file a law suit against this company?Fb can't replace all the memories we had in Fs...My seeing my baby boy and my wife's pics are the only thing that makes me stronger each day and now their gone...You people are selfish...You should've posted it in any news site so that we can back up our files...:(

can you please help us to retrieve all our old testimonials, and messages and photos pls pls pls?

please give us a chance to retrieve/save our memories/photos from our old friendster.. please please please..

I am one of the victim... Most my long lost friend's account is gone ,don't have the chance to retreive them back anymore....and all my diary blog is vanish 2... damn Friendster... atleast one notification won't kill you right?

why do you continue calling it friendster when no socializing happens on friendster? just go ahead and call it gamester.

friendster admin sucks and whoever genius changed the format

i hope to get my back those memories photo ... i hate friendster changed their version..

Lost my precious blogs in your site :( any advise on how to retrieve those?

all i want is my photos in my old friendster....if u want to reformat it u must assure that all the datas,photos & everything will not be affected it should be saved for the benefits of the people around & entire world just like in facebook they always updated the site but they preserved the original ones & never been it's better you must do something to retirieve especially all the photos 'coz it's all important to us and we want to treasure it......thank's.....hope you understand...i'm waiting......PLEASE.......

maybe its way too late but :( i really need some of my photos there :(

i hate that i lost all my old photos in this site....can someone advise please where did all my files go...huhuhuhu!

how to get back all my previous information like photos and blogs?=(

swear to god. friendster is fucking stupid

friendster is a damn ass... there goes my pictures on the drain... i hate it...


Dear Friendster management, kindly please back all of our old accounts with our photos , coz i havent open friendster coz of my busy work, and i dnt hve facebook , so how could u say that friendster is not useful, it is, in terms n our old days memories or first time n social network site.please back to us our photos its very important with the memories of ur sites :( . u should announce the deletion 2 years bfre u dlete it..i thnk u jst announce it for couple of months only.. we hvnt prepared. please .. hope u read my message , we appreciate it if u given us a chance again, please my old friend friendster :( we miss u, ur back ground, blogs, music, photos, and shout out. hope i praying it loud (sigh) i believe 2nd chance s given to all of us as u gve ur site a 2nd chance. thank you for al the memories ^^ im still waiting for the respond till i hv my eyes and hands to operate. thank you advance for giving us a 2nd chance^^

new friendster really sucks!!!!!!! please give me back my old friendster...

how can I view my pictures in my old frienster account..

New FS really suck
Not even Want to try...losers


very stupid. once the friendster made money from us they will just runaway and act like nothing happen. should have notify first.

Please retrieve my photos.....its very important.....

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