How to Upgrade/Update/Install 5.50 Prometheus-4 to 6.20 PRO-B4 Permanent

Update: If you landed here looking for ways to upgrade to 6.35 PRO-B5 and 6.20 PRO-B5 and you're already a 6.xx PRO-B4 user, just uninstall the permanent patch on 6.20 PRO-B4 or just fully shut down your PSP if you're on 6.35 PRO-B4. That way the PSP flashes the memory back to 6.20 OFW. When you're already on the 6.20 original firmware, follow the steps below. It's just exactly the same. In fact, I'm already at 6.20 PRO-B5 now. Look:

So again, just follow what I mentioned below and you should be safe and guaranteed to be virtually brick-free.

BTW, the SDK Folder in 6.35 PRO-B5 and 6.20 PRO-B5 I heard is for the developers. So don't mind it, just disregard it and leave it alone.


I just updated my custom firmware a few hours ago from Liquidzigong's 5.50 Prometheus-4 to Coldbird's 6.20 PRO-B4 Permanent. Now believe me what I did ain't pretty. It took too long and irritated the hell out of me. Fortunately I didn't brick.

Seeing that there are people out there like me who have no idea what to do to upgrade to 6.20 PRO-B4, I'll make a simple guide here. I found it out the hard way so you won't have to.

Disclaimer: This is what I exactly did. Now, if your PSP gets bricked, it's not my fault because it worked for me. Don't worry, there's a high chance you'll succeed too. Just make that Hellcat's Recovery Flasher 1.65 handy.

Now, I won't be putting on any links since you can already find them in the internet. One good source of CFWs and homebrews is You can find everything you need there. Again, this is what I did with my 5.50 Prometheus-4. It's likely to work too with 5.00 m33-6 and 5.50 GEN-D3. Let's begin.

How to Upgrade 5.50 Prometheus-4 to 6.20 PRO-B4 Permanent for Dummies

1. Grab a copy of the 6.20 Sony OFW (Official Firmware), not 6.21, not 6.30. ONLY 6.20 Sony OFW. You can download copies of it off the internet. Just google it. You should receive a file called 620.PBP;

2. Plug your PSP in your computer. Go to x/PSP/GAME and create a folder. Name it "UPDATE", all caps. Paste the 620.PBP inside that folder;

3. Unplug your PSP. Go to the games section, there you would find the 6.20 Sony OFW update. Run it directly. It will get rid of the 5.50 Prometheus-4 for you. After it installs, you should now be in the 6.20 original firmware. Note that some the games in your XMB would disappear. That's fine because when you go back to CFW it'll appear again.

*NOTE: If the 6.20 updater says "Firmware is already 9.90. There's no need to upgrade." You could disable version.txt in the recovery menu of your CFW.

The long way to do the above is: 1) Hold SELECT, the VSH menu will appear; 2) Look for USB Device, change it from Memory Stick to Flash 0; 3) Plug your PSP in your computer, open it, scour all the folders and look for a notepad file called version.txt. Find the "9.90" line inside it and change it to "5.50" then save; 4) Unplug your PSP, hold SELECT again then return the USB Device from Flash 0 to Memory Stick.

4. Plug your PSP again to your computer. Go to x/seplugins. Look for the notepad files called "game", "vsh", and "pops". You should see something like this in all three notepad files:

ms0:/seplugins/cwcheatpops.prx 1
ms0:/seplugins/macrofire.prx 1
ms0:/seplugins/popsloader.prx 1
ms0:/seplugins/hud.prx 1

Make all those 1's to 0's. The reasoning for this is some plug-ins are incompatible in the installation of the 6.20 PRO-B4. You can turn some of these on again anyway. Note that I said "some" only because chances are high that there would be really incompatible plug-ins.

5. I do hope that you have already downloaded a 6.20 PRO-B4 updater by now. If you haven't yet, go to and find the 6.20 PRO-B4 post and download from there.

Now, extract the RAR file. You'll end up with three folders. Paste all these folders in x/PSP/GAME. Unplug your PSP and run the PRO UPDATE eboot. In the PRO UPDATE screen, just press X and X and you're done. Congratulations! You're now a PSP master on 6.20 PRO-B4!

Remember that you're in a HEN-like state at this time. When you shut down your PSP completely you'll revert back to 6.20 OFW, not that it's bad. It's just going to eat your time.

6. Run the PRO PERMANENT BOOTLOADER next. What it does is it nails your 6.20 PRO-B4 in place so even if you run out of battery accidentally or if you shut it down completely you'll still be in 6.20 PRO-B4. It's totally uninstallable though, should you wish to.

Here's the critical part:

You should ideally press X and X. Y'know, just to avoid bricks. But if you feel like you're safe and you'll be just wasting your time, just press X and O. That's what I did anyway. Just X'd and O'd instantly.

It's going to say something about keeping a vshorig.prx and a vshmain.prx. Read carefully what it says. Remember it for the entirety of your 6.20 PRO-B4 run.

7. After the program exits, your PSP is now bricked on 6.20 PRO-B4 Permanent! Congratulations!

Known issues in 5.xx to 6.20 PRO-B4 migration:
• Corrupted save files to 5.50 GEN-D3, some CFWs, and some games (repairable by MagicSave)
• Semi-bricks
• Incompatibility with some plug-ins
• Incompatibility with models above 5g
• Incompatibility with OFWs above 6.35

Advantages of using 6.20 PRO-B4:
• Working DLCs
• Access to PSN, no plug-ins needed
• Improved speed to CSO files
• Can run any ISO file (untouched, patched, clean)

• Holding Select at system start-up would instantly revert you back to 6.20 OFW
• Holding R at start-up would allow you to skip the Sony welcome screen and be immediately at the recovery console
• Pressing the triangle, circle, square, and X button simultaneously at start-up would call Godzilla – just kidding

I hope I helped you successfully update your 5.50 Prometheus-4, 5.50 GEN-D3 or 5.00 m33-6 with this simple guide. A simple thanks in the comments box would do a lot.

Thanks to Coldbird and Team Genesis for this CFW.

Upgrading to 6.20 PRO-B4 is one thing, but making your PSP waterproof is another.

'Till my next installment.



Can i update from 3.71 m33 to 6.20 pro B4

^You must upgrade to 6.20 OFW first. Then you can go to 6.20 PRO-B4.

Thanks for the handy guide.
I saw that PRO-B5 was just released, so I assume you could do the same thing here with that?

Also, is there any advantage of using CFW 6.35 PRO-B5 over CFW 6.20 PRO-B5

^Yes, that would be correct.

Anyway, besides the permanent patch the 6.20 PRO-B5 offers, I think there's not much advantage. But that's just me.

i need your help. is states that the syste configuration of my psp system does not appear to be correct. the update cannot be started. what should i do? thanks.

can i upgrade 5.00 m33-6 direct to 6.20 ofw,then 6.20 pro-b5?

Thanks man, especially the part about disabling the "there is no need to update"-message was of big help :)

funny tut, yet very helpful. :)) thanks! you a filipino?

The part about disabling the "there is no need to update" - message was of big help to me also, that's where I was stuck! Thanks so much.



thx!!!!!:)going to play super robot wars z2

the worked but i cant access my system and theme settings. can u tell me how to fix it?

It show me The game cannot be started. I have 5.50 prome-3

B5 has 4 folders. is it ok to paste them?

you can updato from 5.50 prome-48(Before i was at 5.50 gen d 4) to 6.39-proB8?

thank you very 100x much...
next time we meet, I'll treat you golden jelly...XD

I scoured already all of the folders on my PSP but I didn't find the notepad version.txt. Help me please.

i can't install update. it says "sorry. this program doesn't support your firmware. i'm using 5.50 prome-4 :(

thank for the help. i'm now in 6.20 PRO-B4. MORE POWER TO YOU GUYS...

hello why i do like what you said and i succeeded update but my firmware version is 6.20 PRO-B5 ? not B4

thank you so much now i am 6.20 PRO-B5 xD cool

thank you so much sir :D very helpful specially the 9.90 disabling thing :D

sir, can put all the download links that you used? i will use that to too to be sure that i can trust the files.

tnx in advance .

thank's bro..... Helps a lot.... keep your good work...

I've scoured every single folder,searching for version.txt but i can't find

i really really need your help. is states that the system configuration of my psp system does not appear to be correct. the update cannot be started. what should i do? pls rply

hey please dont ignore me...will this work n 5.03 prome 4?

wtf , this programm doesnt support mine :( HELP PLEASE !

why i cant find the version.txt help me plz

Appreciated ;0here, thanks for making it step by step simple

How can i get in to the VSH menu. Normaly just by pressing 'select' is the solution, but it doesn't work now. pls. help

sir i did exactly what you instructed my game works perfectly but when i try to access psp setting menu to see the system information my psp shuts down. what must i do to fix this issue?

can you help me because im trying to follow the steps then suddenly my psp get red screen of death..asap

it is not working,what is this??my psp bricked!!!

hi i manage to update it to 6.20,but when i try to update it to 6.20 pro-b4 it just restart my psp. plss help


my psp is now 6.20 but there is no game or vsh or pops notepad.... what did i do wrong? plz help

it says "sorry. this program does not support your FW(0x05050010)"

for those who can't find version.txt after you change to flash 0 u need to restart ur psp first in order for it to take effect

thank you very much! i have my psp updated. wheee!

i didnt download pro-b5...i download pro-b 10 thats better....anyways thanks uploader you help me alot i can play now yu gi oh tag force 6.....thanks again ^_^

answer the douche with the problem you asshole

Thanks a lot for this guide updated to 6.20 PRO B10 and it worked like a charm.

Mac Address:[1G} :)

thank you a whole lot!!! i had no idea what i was doing but then i found this and it worked like a charm. so thanks again!

Thanks much, worked just as explained! Appreciate the help.

Thank you so much! this guide helped me a lot. and saved me money >:)

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