I Love the New Yahoo! Mail Interface

Yesterday I got an email from Yahoo! about their new Yahoo! Mail Beta. It was thanking me for being a loyal Yahoo! user for the past five years and that they appreciate it. Anyhow, the message asked me if I wanted to upgrade to their newest Yahoo! Mail, still in beta, which supposedly boasts more speed and efficiency.

Being the "Oh yeah for free then let's get it!" guy that I am, I immediately clicked the button and a few refresh buttons later I got this:

If you could digitize love at first sight, this would be it. I mean, the interface screams of my blog at every angle. Nah just kidding. I love it because it's cleaner to look at, y'know, cooler to the eyes,and there's something gorgeous in it I can't exactly put my fingers on.

It doesn't fly far away from the previous Yahoo! Mail versions. There's still the basic functions, the check marks, the spam box, etc. Basically they just updated the interface to suit the ever-evolving taste of the people. It's either you'll feel right at home with this new update or be like "Not this again." I feel the former.

Well, maybe it's a little bit premature to judge the updates of this new Yahoo! Mail. I mean, I haven't explored all its inner workings yet. If I'm giving it an  A now, who knows, maybe after some time of exploration I'll give it an A+.

Anyway, to the Yahoo! guys, I approve. Loving it.

'Till my next installment.


Oh wow, i hadn't made the switch yet. maybe i should do it soon-ish. hehe

i haven't received an e-mail about this, but i would definitely install this update if it comes available!

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