Patapon 3 Bald Cap Helm DLC Pack

Good news: The Sony US Playstation Blog announced yesterday that it would be giving away free Patapon 3 Bald Cap helms on the PSN as a DLC. In fact, I just downloaded my copy a few minutes ago! Here's what I got from Sony:
For a limited time only, we’ll be giving away a stylish Bald Cap helm. This diligent helm stays with you through thick and thin. Reflects sun beams for increased burn rate. This voucher code will entitle you to this special item for your Patapon giving you an added advantage in combat. Once redeemed be sure to equip this item in the headquarters before you deploy!

The code is: JCAF-CENE-ECN4

This code can be redeemed for a limited time only & available while supplies last so don’t delay!

So see there you go: digital strategy guide, free stuff, online gameplay, musical warfare and more evil bosses than you can shake a stick at. See you kids online!
As this is a limited time offer only, use the code above now. You have to have a PSN account though, or else the point is moot.

How to download the Patapon 3 Bald Cap Helm DLC Pack:

1. Connect to the PSN using your PSN account. If you don't have one then create one;
2. Go to the Redeem Codes section of the PSN (upper right area, near Search);
3. Enter the code above and confirm. Once you confirm, the DLC pack (17KB) will start downloading. After it downloads completely, it will install itself;
4. Voila! Your very own Patapon 3 Bald Cap helm!

One thing I didn't get was the Malevolent Uramus Helm, which I heard was released thru IGN yesterday. But I guess this Bald Cap helm would do. You hardly get anything free nowadays anyway.

Now, if I could just follow that catchy rhythm.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. With PC or PSP, if with PC, how to do??
    I have only 5.50 GEN-D3 Prom-4 CFW Only :(

  2. heres a code for 260 million Ka-ching that i got working:
    _C0 260 Million Ka-ching
    _L 0x602AC184 0x0FFFC350
    _L 0x00020002 0x00000020
    _L 0x20000050 0x00000000

  3. patapon!!! FTW! thanks for this post!

  4. m... can you upload it to 4shared? or other downloaded web... coz .. i am a filipon i dont have any PSN account .. even the MEDIA GO one.. i dont have any?

  5. what a crap helm :\

  6. Tnks to anonynou 2 the code work 100%


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