PSP Go Production Stops, Officially Dead

Amidst threats from the hacker group Anonymous and piracy issues with its games, the electronics mogul Sony has decided that the PSP Go finally call it quits.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has seemingly made the PSP Go's demise official. Japanese audio visual site Phileweb has reportedly received confirmation from SCEJ that shipments and production of the handheld will not be continuing. All PSP Go sales from now on ill be limited to the units that remain in stock.

Gaming news site Andriasang also reports that SCEJ has pasted "shipment ended" notices to the PSP Go listings on the official Japanese PlayStation website. These notices can be seen in red in the lower right-hand corner of the images below.

Word of Sony halting production of the UMD-less handheld crept out earlier this week when a link to it was removed from the Sony Store Games page. Orders can still be placed for the system although it is currently out of stock. There's also no word on when stock will be replenished. Similar out of stock notices have also started popping up on the European Sony Store.

Sony has yet to say anything official about the issue. Yesterday, SCEE released a statement but did not address the PSP Go directly, instead choosing only to assure consumers that they will continue to meet demand for "the current generation of PSPs."

Bottomline is, we're just waiting for the PSP Go's death to be officially announced. I'm very sorry for the PSP Go, it was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So to kids and parents alike, if someone in your family has a PSP Go, make sure it remains intact and working in the years to come for it will become a rarity, somewhat a collector's item if you will.

'Till my next installment.

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