Sony's Two New PlayStationTablets – The S1 and S2

Attention to all tablet lovers and mobile gamers that aren't in the know: Before you buy that iPad 3, consider Sony's two new tablets to be released later this year at fall – the S1 and the S2.

The S1 and the S2 are officially called "Sony Tablets", each of which are PlayStation-certified, meaning they would be able to play games from Sony's PlayStation Suite digital content store. I heard they will be also compatible with Sony's online music services as well as their e-book store.

The S1 basically looks like the generic tablet shape tablets have nowadays, but it has a wrap-around fold over the back. That way when you put it on a flat surface it elevates itself at an angle. Kind of like a magazine.

The S2 on the other hand instantly reminds you of the Nintendo DS handheld series. It pretty much functions like the Nintendo DS too. Sony says both screens could do separate functions at any given time. Pretty much suited for gaming.

The Sony Tablets will be powered by Tegra, will run on Android 3.0, will be WiFi ready, and will have 3G and 4G connectivity. You can even use it as a remote control for your Bravia TV! But I doubt you're just going to use it solely as a remote control, because that would be expensive (and dumb). There are no prices yet for the Sony Tablets.

A story of the S1 and S2 has been actually published by Engadget way back February. Nobody seems to have noticed it until Sony's quick unveiling two days ago. As we in the gaming world like to say it, "Sony has pulled a quick one on us."

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