How to Change YouTube Username

A few days ago I went to YouTube to change my username. Apparently my old YouTube username didn't fit me anymore as I've already outgrown it. Seeing a change of YouTube username as the most logical thing to do, I went on to my YouTube's account settings page only to find out that there was no real fast and instant way to change YouTube usernames. Disappointed, I tried hard to find a solution so you won't have to.

I'll outline in the section below step-by-step instructions on how to change YouTube usernames. Continue reading on below:

1. Sign in your YouTube account and go to your Account Settings;

2. Go to Manage Account;

3. Go to Close Account. While here, enter a reason for closing your account. The reason I put in mine is "Closing account to change YouTube username. A change name feature would really be handy." Hey, maybe you could put this as your reason too. Y'know, the more the people say the same thing the more stronger the message and the more it would be heard by YouTube management;

4. Once you press on "Close Account", your current account would be closed instantly without frills and you will be brought to another page with the option to create another account with the same email address (thereby effectively linking your YouTube account to your Google account) but of course, with a new username to fill-in. I gotta tell you, it took me a good 30 minutes to find a decent username that's fitting and that's not taken. Almost every name that I typed in returned "Name unavailable."

5. Click on OK and voila! You successfully changed your YouTube username!

Side note though, it's hard to find a decent YouTube username. Most automated results will force you to add random numbers at the end of your name.

Attention: Should you decide to change your YouTube username via this manner, all your comments, views, likes, subscribers, basically everything, would be undone.

And with that ends this how-to instructional. I hope I helped you change your YouTube username without much trouble. Just holla below if I saved you time.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Wait a minute, but what about your videos, favs and such? Those get lost, right? Not so very useful.

  2. ^Yeah, I forgot to mention. Everything you have on your former username will get closed too. You could say that this is favorable only to those who've uploaded a small amount of videos and hasn't build a huge fanbase around their channel yet.

    Thanks for that Anon. I'll integrate it later into this post.

  3. No problem. Yeah, it would be painful for me to change :(

  4. so in short it will reset your account completely?
    thank you for the info i also out grown my old username batman415 LOL

  5. just close the account ad reactive it and change it

  6. Nice post man. bt i have to loose all my video's that's very bad:(

  7. supper liked..especially the reason for account closing stuff!!!

  8. Yeah, wonderful, except that it this process doesn't allow you to sign up with a different email address with the same username. Closed accounts just become dead cyber weight apparently. At least I had the foresight to discover this before I tried it...

  9. So, rather than changing your username, all you've told people to do is delete their account and get a new one with the same email.

  10. @11 Yes, that's the idea for now. Until YouTube adds a change username feature, people could either close their account and build a new one or link a new account to their existing one.

  11. r u mad?? closing account is just like deleting our sccount


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