The most ubiquitous fast food chain in the world of course has to be McDonald's. This monster of a foodchain is now delivering McMeals at a fixed P40 charge, and they don't care how many items you'll order. Of course being the McDonald's lover that I am, I occasionally call in for Big Macs and their chicken meals. Usually it arrives in 45 minutes, needs improvement. Anyway, they deliver 24/7 so what the heck. Scroll down below or look at the screencap to know McDonald's delivery hotline:

McDonald's Delivery Hotline Telephone Number

Just dial 8-6236

I hope you're enjoying whatever you got McDonald's delivered to you right now. I sure am. But man, are McDonald's milkshakes getting rarer and rarer or what? Because last time I checked, the only one selling milkshakes right now is McDonald's Glorietta 3. Boo. But that's for another day.

'Till my next installment.


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