Who is Alyssa Elasin, Kathleen Kaye Pesante, Leonest Franco and the OLLG

I've been following this Justin Bieber Manila Concert for quite some time because of its traffic trend, and I must say, from what I've read at Facebook pages, Alyssa Elasin, the alleged real One Less Lonely Girl (OLLG) at the Justin Bieber Mania Concert was the one pulled up by Justin Bieber at the concert instead of a girl named Kathleen Kate Pesante, the alleged daughter of the Smart Communications President here in the Philippines.

A "Belieber" at a random Justin Bieber fan page posted that the OLLG guest was set-up from the beginning because Smart Communications was a sponsor of the said event.

There were also Facebook users who claim that a certain Leonest Franco was the real OLLG although some say that she was just a victim of a joke gone wrong.

What gets people confused is that, who's really the OLLG? Is it really Alyssa Elasin, Leonest Franco, or the Smart Communications President's daughter Kathleen Pesante? Believe me I'm no Justin Bieber fan, I'm just curious to what's happening. Did the producers of the Justin Bieber concert pull off a switcheroo or is it just mass confusion?

For the curious ones, you can find Kathleen Pesante's Tumblr and Twitter accounts on the internet. You can't do the same with Alyssa Elasin or Leonest Franco.

What do you think? Hit the comments box below.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. uhmmm, Pesante hits the traffic most so i think she is.

  2. JB's OLLG is Alyssa Elasin, daughter of the owner of SMART. He paid the Biebs so his daughter will be the OLLG

  3. i think elasin is the OLLG ...

  4. that sounds plausible. Maybe it really isn't some random OLLG... boo!

  5. There is no Elasin, Pesante nor Franco in Smart Communications' Board of Directors and Senior Management.

  6. alyssa elasin is the real OLLG but she is not the daughter of the president of smart.

  7. Guys, I know Alyssa Elasin, she is the real OLLG and she is not the daughter of the president of smart.

  8. It's ALYSSA ELASIN. And they did NOT pay to be OLLG!!

  9. The real OLLG is definitely Alyssa Elasin. Posers may as well abandon their plans to be her because this should set things straight. She is in no way related to anyone who works for Smart or TV5 or any of the event sponsors. She comes from a modest, middle-class family. She and her brother are children to a set of hardworking parents. She wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth. I'm definitely sure of that because I know her personally and we're related.

    I couldn't believe it myself how lucky she was to be chosen amongst all the fans who were there at the meet-and-greet prior to the concert. I learned of the amazing story behind that. While she did pay to be in that pre-concert affair, she never expected what happened after that.

    Apparently, the OLLGs on every leg of Bieber's tour eventually end up being disliked, as if to be one was a curse. Now she's getting flak left and right from jealous fans who would have wanted to be in her shoes, fans whom I liken to crabs in a can, who tried to make their way up and out to be Bieber's next OLLG. What these people don't know is that Alyssa was never in the 'can' to begin with. She wasn't amongst the rest of the fans in the audience. She was backstage the entire time and stayed close to the one who handpicked her until her onstage moment. Only those who know the real score would know who got won over with Alyssa's personality that she ended up being chosen.

    Some comments in the web (and most especially in Facebook) have hurt her emotionally, and I do feel sorry for her. But I know her to be a strong and outspoken person since she was little (and I was still able to carry her in my arms) and I'm sure she'd be able to walk away from all this lot with a smile on her face and her head held high. She's got her family and friends behind her. She will be less lonely again.

    I do apologize for leaving a lengthy comment.


  10. ALYSSA ELASiN is the OLLG.. :)

  11. I think Alyssa Elasin is the daughter of Francis Magalona? I'm not sure but that's what I heard on some topic of a news tv, Jessica Sojo.


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