Best Free Internet Anonymizers

Nowadays most websites on the internet wants to track users for anything that could in turn be profitable for them. Apple and Google both were blasted recently for a script found in their respective iPhone and Android models that could relay a user's specific location and behavior throughout a period of time. Companies such as the mentioned want these information because they could be used as information on advertisement trends, preferences, product interests and the like. A person surfing regularly could also be monitored by unscrupulous people as a target for malicious activity. Here's where internet anonymizers come in.

Most of the time people unknowingly transmit critical information to very interested users just by simply surfing, handing over their IP addresses. This simple-looking string of numbers would effectively transmit all your browsing preferences, reading interests and your current surfing location. With genuine internet anonymizers, you wouldn't give away anything as these services would hide everything that can be used against you and protect you from people such as spammers and black hat hackers. You can also use internet anonymizers as a go-around for websites who have banned your IP address.

With that said, there are two types of internet anonymizers: The paid internet anonymizers and the free internet anonymizers. As with the title of the post, I'll post here the best free internet anonymizers (formally known as free CGI proxy servers) you can use for anonymous surfing. Head on to the section below for more:

Best Free Internet Anonymizers

Instructions: Just copy the internet address of the website you want to surf anonymously, paste it in the space provided by the anonymizer service, then click Submit or Go.

Now that you know what the best free internet anonymizers are and the things they do for you, you can now surf anonymously while being assured that no one can harm you easily with the usual culprits of giveaway information i.e. your IP address. Surfing on banned websites and downloading files from file hosting servers are just bonuses.

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  2. With these website is it possible to appear to have a UK IP in order to get video On Demand?


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