Creative Pure Wireless Entertainment - Rewiring the Audio System Wirelessly

Last Tuesday, Creative—kings of I.T. and computer audio systems—together with local distributor IONTECH ushered in what possibly could be the new era of audio technology—wireless audio.

Gregory Yeo Hung Hwee and Paul Seow, managers of Creative Singapore heralded in Creative's latest entries in the market: the ZiiSound series. This comes as audio enthusiasts demand more and more from current systems.

Three key points are being emphasized by Creative's ZiiSound series speakers: Portability, flexible configuration and wireless entertainment.

The ZiiSound Series Speaker Ultimate Entertainment System


At present, audio systems are as wired as one can get. Be it in the back of the PC table, the back of the TV shelf, everywhere is littered with audio wires. Plugging and unplugging audio wires is quite a task. Most of the time you'll trip a person or another object from all the slithers of wiring. And let's face it: Once you over-apply force on the cords of your speaker system from all the incessant wire-pulling, snap! They're as good as paperweights. Not the ZiiSound series speakers. You can literally just place one dead center at the living room floor, hang one at the chandelier, and mount another one on the wall, and it'll all work fine and mighty, without the hassle and placement limitations brought about by wires. You can even take it outside to the beach and rock everyone out.

The ZiiSound series speakers would work great for students practicing their dance moves out in the open, business establishments that frequently change geographic locations, and of course, where it's designed to be—at home entertaining people.

Flexible Configuration

The ZiiSound series are strong stand-alone speakers when taken singly. And unlike fixed configuration speakers i.e. speakers which come in a set, usually one main and two subs, these latest Creative systems are highly configurable and scalable. You need not purchase a set to run it all.

A ZiiSound D5x, at P15,100.00, can replace your basic 2.1 speaker set on its own. But if you demand a more powerful sound system, you can simply grab another D5x, sync it with your current unit, and voila a powerful speaker system. Add another DSx and D3x (both P8,100.00) to the mix and you got what creative says is the "Ultimate Entertainment Speaker System." If you're in a money fix, you can basically buy a unit this month, get another one next month, and complete the system at the third month. That's how flexible this system is.

Forget mounting mini-speakers at the four corners of your room. That's 11 years ago. This is what's happening now.

The conventional versus wireless audio systems diagram

Wireless Entertainment

The ZiiSound series speakers can do all its wonders with the help of Bluetooth® and apt-X® technology. Who said Bluetooth® was dead? Creative's version of the Bluetooth® technology can deliver megabits of data, resulting in a more audio chest-pounding experience.

That said, one can stream music wirelessly from A2DP Bluetooth devices. You got that fine phone from Nokia with a catchy song? Sync it with a ZiiSound D3x. How about a netbook from Acer? Yep, the ZiiSound series can deal with that too. Its also supports the apt-X codec, perfect for that enhanced audio quality you've been dying for.

All ZiiSound series speakers are constructed from one piece to give you the maximum and purest audio experience, all packed in a premium factory finish. Honestly, I got entertained just by staring at these gorgeous audio units myself. Imagine how much more entertained I would get when I start listening to it.

The ZiiSound series are all but one of the units produced by Creative for audiophiles. Creative also introduced WP-X50 wireless headphone series, all with a built-in invisible mic, enhanced with noise isolation technology. They also come with the same apt-X technology that the ZiiSound series has. So forget those wiry Beats by Dr. Dre. The WP-X50 series headphones sell respectively at P3,100.00, P4,700.00 and P5,100.00. Cheap if you'll ask me.

From left to right: The WP350, WP450, and WP250

Also worth noting are the: a) portable and colorful Creative D80, D100, and D200 speakers and; b) the ZEN Style M300. Although not as powerful as the previously mentioned systems, the D80, D100, and D200 are still equipped with Bluetooth® and screams loudly of personality. Colors range from a sleek black, a funky green, a cool blue, and a girly pink.

The ZiiSound D5x and the colorful D100

The ZEN Style M300 on the other hand, while being an entry-level participant in the portable music player market, is huge on features. Of course, it's also wireless like all the products mentioned here. It can sport up to 16GB of microSD memory, supports various sound formats and is available in red, yellow, white and black. The ZEN Style M300 starts at P2,700.00.

Some of these products have been already introduced in the Philippine market. For availability and store prices, contact your local audio or PC store.

Thanks to Ms. Abbie Sarmiento of IONTECH, Mr. Paul Seow and Gregory Yeo Hung Hwee of Creative Singapore, and to all the people concerned. 

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  2. Where to get DS5x speaker in Malaysia?

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