Help Silkenhut's World Win Free Auto Detailing

Allen, an acquaintance of mine, is asking for your help for him to win P12,000.00+ worth of auto detailing services over at Zero Stain Premium Auto Detailing.

The mechanics of the contest is very simple. One just needs to write an essay on why he or she needs the auto detailing prize. The one person with the most likes on his or her entry wins. It's that simple. So if you have some spare time or are feeling very generous today, why don't you head on and like the links below. And remember, you're making another person be happy, especially so if he wins. It's for a good cause.

Allen's Mazda. Pretty neat huh?

Like the links below:



Help Allen by liking his entries and good karma will come back to you two-fold. That much I assure you.

'Till my installment.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I really appreciate it :) Sadly, the competition is too strong lol :)

  2. nice to hard to think creatively haha


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