How to Get Free P20 or More Globe Load

There are times when we're out of prepaid credits in our cellphones only to find out that we're too lazy to go to our nearest neighborhood store to load up. That's why I'm going to introduce to you a cool way of gaining absolutely free Globe load without getting out of the house while enjoying yourself too.

This neat trick is applicable for Globe SIM cards ONLY. And for a better free load experience, I suggest using a Globe SIM card which has zero prepaid balance. You can do this with as many empty Globe SIM cards as you have. Just never ever forget to unsubscribe.

So enough talk. Just how would you get free P20 or more Globe cellphone load?

1. Sign up at and enter your Globe cellphone number. You'll receive a registration text. Enter it at the Grabagold confirmation window. Just make sure you have zero balance on the SIM you're going to use or else you'll be charged with P15.00 instantly for simply using the service;

2. Look for the roulette section of and consume all your free 3 spins;

3. After using up all your three spins, buy the Game Package A and the Game Package B to get 6 more spins (3 spins per package);

4. Voila! Instant free Globe load. Usually one wins P20.00 only. I heard a friend of mine won P80.00 just by using all his free spins. You, how much have you won?;

5. After consuming all the free spins, unsubscribe to You can do this by going to My Account then clicking on Unsubscribe. This step is very important. If you fail to unsubscribe, you'll be charged P15.00 per 5 days.

Did you enjoy the free P20 Globe load? Well, I do hope you don't get addicted to playing at All that incessant playing will just make you bankrupt. Do note that if you try to unlock and win items there, you'll have to spend a fortune. Also consider the element of luck. Just get the free Globe load and storm out.

'Till my next installment.


nkakainis to. haha dalawang beses na kain ang load ko. tig 15 php. buti nalang na deactivate ko agad.

i got only 10pesos hehehe,,better luck next time for me..heheh

FREE 10 php load is a very big help for me ! I only load once in every 3 months before...HAHAHA...Thank you for this, God Bless :>

hey, paano ba mag unsubscribe kase pag click ko yun my account ko wala naman pwede iclick na unsubscribe dun. please help. how to deactivate my account there. thank you.

To deactivate account go to my account and deactivate of unsubscribe game packs!!!

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