How to Install 6.20, 6.35, and 6.39 PRO-B7

It's time again for another installment on how to install a CFW on your PSP. This time, let's discuss how to install the 6.20, 6.35 and 6.39 PRO-B7 CFW series from Coldbird and company.

I'm assuming that you are already on a previous 6.xx PRO-Bx firmware i.e. PRO-B6. If you are, proceed below. On the other hand, if you're on an older firmware such as GEN or the 5.00 m33 series, proceed HERE.

How to Install 6.20, 6.35, and 6.39 PRO-B7

1. Download the 6.20, 6.35 or 6.39 PRO-B7 updaters according to your desire from PRO's website here:

*UMD models are all PSPs with the UMD slot in the back. GO! models need no explanation.

*Check CFW compatibilities with your PSP's motherboard. Misidentifying your PSP's motherboard and incorrectly installing the inappropriate CFW will lead to a brick;

2. Extract the CFW .rar file you've downloaded then copy and paste the 6.xxPRO_Permanent, FastRecovery and PROUPDATE folders into your x:/PSP/GAME folder. As usual, disregard the SDK folder;

* Make sure to uninstall any previous PRO-Bx installations before installing the 6.xx PRO-B7. If you're unsure how to do this, proceed further.

3. Unplug your PSP and run the PRO UPDATE program. Press all the necessary buttons to install your respective 6.xx PRO-B7. Wait for a moment for the program to execute itself. Now you're on 6.xx PRO-B7;

*If you decided to install 6.35 or 6.39 PRO-B7, your installation process stops here. Congratulations. No need to read further. If you on the other hand decided to install 6.20 PRO-B7, proceed further.

*Be reminded that if you completely turn off your PSP while on 6.35 or 6.39 PRO-B7, you will revert back to your respective OFW version. Perform a "Quickstart" or run the respective PRO-B7 installer again to go back to custom firmware state;

4. If you've decided to run 6.20 PRO-B7 on permanent patch, look for and execute the PRO PERMANENT BOOTLOADER program. After opening the program, it will ask you this:

If you have formerly installed the PRO-B series on your PSP, you should just press X and O. You'll be fine totally fine, no problem. But if you've been previously using other CFWs aside from the PRO-B series, press X and X just to be sure.

What the PRO PERMANENT BOOTLOADER does is nail your CFW in place, considering that all PRO-B CFWs are mostly HEN-like in state. As with all other HENs, shutting your PSP down completely or running out of batteries while playing a game would completely flash your PSP memory and return your firmware to OFW. With this permanent patch, you'll have a fixed CFW like the m33 and the GEN. You have to remember though that this is applicable only for 6.20, not 6.35 and 6.39 PRO-B7.

Anyway, it's going to mention about keeping your vshorig.prx and vshmain.prx files in a safe location. Do not delete these files. Remember it for the entirety of your 6.20 PRO-B7 run;

5. After the PRO PERMANENT BOOTLOADER exits, you're now on 6.20 PRO-B7 permanent patch. Congratulations.

How to Uninstall 6.20 PRO-Bx Permanent Patch CFWs

If you don't know how to uninstall the 6.20 PRO-Bx permanent patch CFWs from Coldbird or if you've come to a complete halt from reading the installation process above, proceed below:

1. If you are contemplating on installing the 6.20, 6.35 or 6.39 PRO-B7 CFWs on your PSP but you're currently running on 6.20 PRO-Bx permanent patch, go to your games section and look for the PRO PERMANENT BOOTLOADER and launch the program;

2. After launching the program, the respective PRO PERMANENT BOOTLOADER for your current PRO-Bx CFW will ask you if you want to uninstall the patch. Select uninstall;

3. After uninstalling the patch, the program will exit back to your PSP's home screen. Note that you're once again on a HEN-like state because you've uninstalled the permanent patch for the 6.20 PRO-Bx CFW.

*You will have no problem uninstalling the permanent patch if you did not delete the vshorig.prx and vshmain.prx store on your PSP's root directory;

4. To go back to OFW and finally install the newer 6.xx PRO-B7 CFW series, fully shut down your PSP (long turn off aka hard reboot). Turn it on again. Now you're on your respective 6.xx OFW.  Now go back to the steps above and proceed installation.

6.20, 6.35 and 6.39 PRO-B7 changelog:

[!] Fixed NODRM Engine (DDF012 DLC Costume Bug)
[!] Improved Inferno Game Compatiblity (GTA China Town, Corda2f,
[!] Updated scePower_driver NID Resolver
[!] Added Configuration Reset on PRO Update
[!] Added DA psp-packed user module support
[+] Added UMD VIDEO / GAME XMB Mount Feature (No UMD required, allows for Game Updates)
[+] Added Custom IPL Flasher for 6.39 PRO (1g, 2g hackable mainboard permaflash)
[+] Added non latin1 ISO filename support
[+] Added memory stick speedup option
[+] Added ISO cache option (available in Inferno and NP9660)

I hope I helped you successfully install the 6.20, 6.35, and 6.39 PRO-B7 CFWs, whatever you decided to install. A simple thanks at the comments box below would do. If you liked this post, you can share it.

Thanks to Coldbird and Team PRO for this release.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. tnx ... after long years in 5.00m33 i can finally upgrade... tnx it was a success :))

  2. Thanks TJ! Only noticed that in #2 to uninstall, should've said proceed to "how to uninstall part" and not to "proceed further. Anyway this helped me install the 6.20 PRO-B7. Nice guide.

  3. Hi, just a quick question, can I jump directly to 6.39 PRO-B7 from 5.50 B? Would it be safe?

  4. hi i cannot run 6.20 pro b7 :( psp crashes when it is run.


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