How to Remote Upload Megaupload and Mediafire Free

It has been a problem to users to upload and download huge chunks of files off of file hosting sites, especially if they have a somewhat slow internet connection and just to rehost a file in their own online storage account. Good thing there's a thing such as remote uploading. But remote uploading has difficulties of its own.

In this post I'll discuss to you how to remote upload to Megaupload and Mediafire for free and easily. Just head to the section below for the steps:

1. Get a direct link from the mentioned file hosting sites, the type of links that start immediately;

2. Open another tab in your browser (or another browser window if you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer) and open Click on the file host icon and tick the check box;

3. Add the username and password of your Mediafire or Megaupload account (the account to receive the remotely uploaded files) then select "Remote Upload";

4. Boxes will appear on your browser window. Place the links of the files you want to be remote uploaded in these empty boxes. It will then download the files remotely to your online storage account. You can even close the embedupload page once it starts remotely uploading.

Now that you know how to remote upload files on Megaupload and Mediafire for free, why don't you try it on your account? Surely this process would be useful especially when you want to rehost your files and you're in a time fix.

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'Till my next installment.

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  1. cool, this have RU, i was searching for something like that coz multiupload doest suport RU

  2. I can't do step one.
    How can I get a direct link without a premium with MU?

  3. oh my god!! thx for the solution to my all download problems!! thx thx thx thx


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