IRS Notification Email Scam

It's time again to discuss email scams that dupe people into downloading certain files and installing malware(s) unknowingly in their PCs.

A couple of hours ago prior to this post, I received an email from a certain "" which shows up as "IRS service" in my inbox notifying me that they were unable to process my tax return. Now, the message was neatly constructed take some misspelled words. It even uses the official IRS logo as the header message. It would've fooled me if not for some very obvious giveaways which we will discuss at the next paragraph. Just then did I conclude that I've just received a fake IRS notification email scam.

First of all, I have not registered for the IRS nor do I have any of the documents the message was asking. Two, I'm not even American, have never entered the USA, nor did I have any scuffle with the IRS regarding any unpaid taxes or anything that concerns its services. And lastly, and this is the most important of all: THE IRS DOES NOT INITIATE TAXPAYER COMMUNICATIONS THROUGH E-MAIL REGARDING EFPS OR TAX ACCOUNT MATTERS. They don't "request detailed personal information through e-mail" nor "send any communication requesting your PIN numbers, passwords or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts."

The fake IRS notification email

Now, if you are a resident citizen of the United States of America and if you received a message via email from someone claiming to be from the IRS, go to the IRS Phishing Guide by clicking HERE.

Anyway, here's my what to do list when an IRS notification email scam message or anything similar to this arrives in your inbox:

1) Quickly check the sender's address. If it came from someone using free mail services like Yahoo! or Google Mail, it's probably fake. Now, if it's using high tier domains such as .gov or .edu or country domains, read the message further;

2) Check the message for funny looking words, misspelled words and wrong usage of punctuations and grammar. Official letters do not and should not contain these kinds of errors;

3) Check if it is asking any personal information from you such as your name, birthday or social security number. If it is, it's a high risk phishing message. Do not reply to it. Report it to the proper authorities;

4) Check if the message has any attachments with it. If it does, it's a scam message containing malware.

Don't forget, no matter how official looking an email is, there's always a high risk of it being a notification email scam, especially in the internet—where everything is dangerous. I also made this post especially long because fake messages like this IRS notification email scam are high profile risks which could steal very sensitive personal data from innocent internet users.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Thank you so much for your post. It really nailed down my suspisions. My credit is so bad if they were successful in stealingit they would probably pay me to take it back. Any way, I got email 3 times. I also received on an email that I have never used to file taxes. That was the 1ST CLUE. But shame on me, I tried to open the document. My spyware spotted vicious malware (thank God for that). That was the 2ND CLUE. Then, I tried to reply, so they could fax document. It came back no reply. That was the 3RD CLUE. At that point I forwarded the scam to the IRS address you noted. Then I spotted the mispelled word. That was 4TH CLUE. I remembered the thing about the mispelled words & that they could complete a full sentence from an email dating scam I almost fell prey to. YOUR POST CONFIRMED IT. Thanks again for being a good neighbor.

  2. I got this one too, and my antivirus also identified it as malware. I normally wouldn't have fallen for this kind of a scam, but by coincidence, I just sent out an amended return to the IRS a few days ago. Thanks for posting this and confirming my suspicions. What you posted is identical to the email I got, also received on the 24th.

  3. I was thinking about this, and said it must be a scam, I never gave the irs my email address. . .

  4. I received this and it was to me and about 25 other people (nice of the US Government to give me all of there email addresses)
    I quickly did a reply all asking if anyone falls for this kind of stuff, and that it's funny that the "US Government" gave me the email addresses of all these people who were "having problems"
    It was more of a warning to the others than a legitimate email to the original sender.

  5. I also received it and i thoght the IRS servers were virused.I knew in an instant that has a mallware in the add but I really thought is was IRS genuine. It wasn't sent on my business email but on the email I often use to comunicate with my family and friends.

  6. I simply told them to F$ck right off

  7. My wife and I had to pay in $2,300 I think if there was a problem they would have contacted me before july I knew it was bull$hit from the start!


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