Review – 100% Scam

Update: As of June 6, 2011, this post has been totally removed from the Google SERPs. I don't know the reason behind it, but obviously this post has a lot of potential to damage the sly scheme of the people behind If you manage to fall on this page by any means and you like what's written here, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Thank you.

I just finished posting an article about Google AdSense's surprising change to the AdChoices label when I got into this Indian site and somehow the phrase "Earn P10,000 a day as a translator" caught my eye. It was from a website.

So I got into the site. It had a spiel saying that many companies are in need of translators yada yada yada, that you'll earn this amount when you join them. It even had random testimonials with six dollar figures, implying that if you work with them you'll have a chance to earn this huge sum too. Honestly I smelled something fishy but I continued on. Whatever, right?

But as I scrolled down through the window, I saw a coupon code click box and a PayPal and Visa link text with Clickbank connected as the link page. At this instant I knew it was a scam. The website was asking me $68.00 as membership fee, that I need to pay this amount in order to earn. When I entered the 50% coupon code beside it, the amount suddenly turned to $34.00. I mean, what kind of idiot would not see through this scam? Come on, you're telling me that I have to pay $34.00 first before I could work for this website as a translator knowing that they'll also have a cut on my translation work fees? Man, these people are duuuuumb.

So anyway, I googled for the phrase "" Guess what? The first 10 pages you'll see in the SERPs about the said website are all fake review websites saying that isn't a scam. There's more: Each fake .com site has a hop link to Clickbank. This means that if you click through these fake website links to and you pay $34.00 as a membership fee, the owners of those fake websites will also get a cut of your money. Wow, is that pure greed or what? But wait, there's absolutely more!: All these fake websites literally are copies of each other. It's copy-pasting text at its finest.

By simply flooding the SERPs with fake websites saying " isn't a scam" with Clickbank links plastered all around it, you're just convincing people more that REALTRANSLATORJOBS.COM IS A SCAM. And even if you go to page 15 of the SERPs, you'll still get lot of fake review websites. And if you still signed up and paid $34.00, I'm sorry to say this but you're a moronic idiot buffoon living in a cave with your momma. has a Page Rank of 0 and an Alexa Rank of 1,834,794. Meanwhile, this blog ranks 267,176. The reason why all these fake websites are topping the Google SERPs is that no one gives half a mind with this scam.

What, you really think you'll earn $180,000 as a translator? If this was such a hot job then it would've hit the news and everybody would've been translators by now. Heck, that's three-fold the average annual salary of accountants in the United States of America! Also, check THIS.

It's funny how hard people would try to swindle money from other people by creating a ruse and lots of fake sites. I know I shouldn't have bothered creating a post about it seeing that nobody even knows that exist, but I don't roll like that.

I hope that this post will reach the number one post in the SERPs for the phrase " scam" just to warn people before they get ripped of a good $34.00.

'Till my next installment.


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Thanks, you had saved me a lot with your honest review!

i owe you a lot for saving me from this pitfall. thank you:)

t tried to click one of those links and it's really just a waste of time thank you for the additional info

Thank you on your honest and sincere review on "". I was ready with my $24, not $34 because they offered me a further $10 cut after my third reading of their website.

How about Sunny D's "Autopilot Website System" and also for your help.

Thanks for this good review...

Recently, I was interested to join - but then, fortunately, I see the words "Price $68.00 (Before coupon code)"... What the heck they are mean? I must pay to get paid? LOL :D

thanks for the info dude..they are really stupid..trying to fool everybody who needs job..have you noticed when you leave their page?there is something that pops-up..forcing you not to you such discounts' etc..etc..

Thank you. It smelled fishy indeed with so many fake websites claiming that it isn't a scam. But each website has almost the same text saying the same thing. I have worked for many years, and not once an employee asks me to pay first before I can work for them to earn money. What a joke.

Thankfully i find your site, i was just one more step to be fooled. btw, your site is #1 in SERP

Thanks a lot dude for this honest review! I almost ready with my $14 after they give me discount. You saved me a lot. Thanks again.

Thanks for you friend, cause I nearly lost RP. 240.000. fantastic job. be aware friends

you are absolutely right..this site is a scam!

thanks for saving me! I got a feeling it was a scam so I needed proof that it is & it's great I found your blog! Heaps of thanks!

thanks for your review. I doubted this too.

i was ready 2 do the same mistake but luckely i found ure blog. Thx man, i ow u 34 bucks.

thanks... almost fooled by them as I am pretty good in Malay

what the??!!your good man..keep it up..honest reviews..I don't get it..why is it still showing up on google ads..dang..this site definitely deserves a good ol hard core DOS bots.lolz

always do this on google bedfore trying any easy-money ads

Scam Check "url of that site" or name, or similar to this technic for checking scams....

you are rock. Thanks to you for saving my time and my hard-earned money. Is there any way to work online and earn money? Hope you can show me some? I am a new graduate, and jobless.

Saw the ads on google adsense. I type the url on browser and surf. Since i smell something fishy, i google for SCAM and Luckily I found your honest review.


hi! great post:) you've done a good job! thanks for caring to share your views...

I don't know how I got on I continued reading...:)) Each phrase made me laugh...a lot actualy. The payments are astronomic sums, I realised immediately it was a scam. When I reached the end of the page and I saw three testimonials from a Romanian, a French and an Indian person. I'm Romanian, but I'm telling you, the name they wrote for the Romanian girl was awkward, nothing like a Romanian name...this made my day =)). Immediately I googled review and I got on this page! Congrats for what you wrote!

thanks, God bless you for saving those who wanted to try this thinking they will earn more on this..but definitely never...

Hi, definitely a scam. Thanks for posting. Now also reported as scam on, a REAL translators website.

Thank you so much for that great review, I almost lost my money for that...Im a plain housewife and looking for a legitimate online site that could somehow help our family's needs. Thanks a lot for saving me! I will try some other site again and hopefully I can find an honest one. Gob bless you TJ

You are a very honest person and God will bless you for that.Many people are losing their money everyday to scams.Thanks for your honest review.

Cant it be complained to the police to trace the cheaters ??

Thanks for the point of view. God bless you :)

Same here. I froze when they asked for money up front. C'mon, man, pay up to get paid? Is this a slot machine? At least they could've given one or two translation jobs to try out, and if we like it and would like to continue, then hit us with the membership fee...

These guys really don't have any style...

this comes back to no. 1 again with keyword review

First I saw the ads in Google Ads on some website (it even appear on this page. lol). I thought it was for real, but when I visited the website I realize something is fishy. So I googled and I found your review! Thanks man!

Shot! I almost throw my $$ on this scam site. Tnx bro for your honest review..

Hello, what happened after registration on that website? What is there? Have they translations or just "sorry, no translations available right now" ? ... Or is all just fake and you get nothing after paid for the service ?

Thanks for your review. You saved me 34 $ :D

god thank u so much i almost pay for that site..tnx a lot

thank you so much mr,,,,.. you just saved my day... and my money.... continue to help.. and by that u can post what site is true so that we'll never have to go searching for the wrong one,,

Totally scam. Just check that in the main page there is a comment about one of their customers called "Jenna C." from Brazil. WTF, this name is totally uncommon in Brazil, u dont have ppl called Jenna here, its impossible. Its a USA name.

As of today, your page is still at the top results for scam. I'm glad I searched before entering my email address into their form.

Thanx. no wonder this webiste is offering for such a low price of $14..I just refresh it until the last offer of $14, i did think on buying it but after i read your post, there;s no way i'm gonna buy it!! This is truly an honest review, keep up the good work.

Funniest thing ever: their google ad is just below your article :) oh boy, oh boy, I need to find out again what is it all!

Thanks TJ. As they say, if it looks too good to be true, it is too good to be true - drat. Noelle

thanks TJ, been into it and started to feel something fishy because of that Paypal button there. :)

WTF.. ok im stupid i fell for that $34 down to $24.. i did not read it carefully i only think of that time that i could earn a lot but never thought it was a scam for the first time.. YAY! i purchased it and now. goodbye $24 .. so i would not expect to get my money now as this REALTRANSLTORJOBS ia a SCAM.. i spend $24 for nothing(its quite big amount in our country) OH MY!! my husband gonna kill me for wasting such money.. POOR ME!!

anyways,i will unsubscribe and cancel my membership now!!!

OMG!!! #40 JULIANO you know what i read JENNA C. from PHILIPPINES one reason why i stupid-idly purchased it.

I found the link as well, and decided to look through it. Once I got to the page, for some reasons, the whole page smell fishy to me. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but my paranoia made me googled on it...and google led me here. Thank god, and thank you for this review. It really helped me (and it seems also people who've been here before me) a lot. Keep up the good job!

wewwwww, I almost got scammed, thanksssss...

Thanks for information, I am a victim of their actions. 100% SCAM

thank you so much for your honest review. I could have been one of the victim. Thank God, I found your review. Your an angel to a women from Phl.

THANK YOU, YOU DA MAN! Thanks for verifying this scamming crap!

I don't want to sound rude, but..

It did sound fishy, but ALL Clickbank products do!!

They sometimes have a shadow of truth, though.

Like the Romanian guy said, one of the testimonials I got was from a Brazilian, whose name sounded nothing like a Brazilian name.

I searched the web for a legit review for this product, from someone who bought it, since I know some people try to apply Affiliate marketing in different languages.

If they are willing to pay me for helping them translate PLR articles, I would be available, even if it's for a $1,000/month income.

In fact, I have an american friend offering to help me with my voiceover for video articles, if I'll help him translate his affiliate ads to Portuguese, since he was getting good commissions.

So, the possibility is real.

Skype, for example: it offers commission, is available in my language, and it's a genuine product one might want to pay me for producing reviews, ads, e-books, etc, to use as affiliate for them. Because if they speak only English, those affiliates have lots of competitors.. but in the Brazilian market, which loves Skype, competition is almost null.

If that was the case for, although that would make their sales pitch a lie, I'd STILL be interested.

The thing is, I want to live abroad for a year, with a student visa.. For that, I' rather earn close to $1,000/month working from home, instead of working as foreigner serving burgers or distributing fliers.

Pretty simple dream, just need to find an affiliate marketer wanting help with their foreign ads, squeeze pages, e-mail campaigns.. :)

I noticed this is NOT, NOOOT what they offer at RealTransator, because they want the other way around.. Portuguese to English translations.
That's the reason I'm not buying it.

I'll try :)


Shouldn't adsense also monitor this kind of ad?

I am a real-translator, but I never paid to get paid.

It is a SCAM . If they wanted to be real in asking money they need to ask a fix sum /year for membership , no cuts , no superofferts .
@Thais - Bianca is a romanian girl's name.
Of course translation jobs on internet are needed and this is the source idea of the scam. A good scam idea must have a good fondation in reality . The final issue is that the money goes only to them and to Google.

By the way, they offer cuts from $34 down to $24 down to $14 if you try to close the tab/window.

Thanks for the write-up! $34 isn't such a great deal and I was about to sign-up. Good thing I checked if this site is a scam. Well, your post comes first. :)

oh god! thanks! But I really need an online job, Anyone can help me, about 700$ - 1000$ a month!!! please please please!!!!!

Thanks, you save me time from doing further research on this "company". The ad said

"Hiring Malay Translator
Earn up to RM1000 per day No experience needed. Work"

I googled the name, and then came to your site to find out that it is a scam!

Have you signed up or paid for this site? i think it is more credible if you tried it yourself. Though this review is very informative but it's much better if you tried signing up and paid the 34$ and say something about this.


i made a post regarding this scam.

i felt lucky that i am seeing this page before i proceed to made the payment.

a BIG thank you to you!

Thank-you for the review. I typed "realtranslatorjobs" into google and your review was the 1st hit on the page. Looks like your wish came true!

Yeah, I had a similar feeling. Good to read your web research though.

Just as i suspected. Good thing im not that stupid enough to eat the bate. Some how everything that is too good to be true is a scam.

Thanks alot man.
It's almost makes me got into their trap, and after read your page my eyes got open that site is really scam.
thanks again.

You are right and it is a good thing that people who notice unfair practices reveal them to others.

I looked at the style of the website and although it is neat and profesionally executed it is also lacking substance - websites that offer well-paied jobs don't look just like a flashy postsign.

At the end of this post on your space for GoogleAdsense I found this:

Hiring Mexican Translator
Earn 1500 pesos a day translating Get paid instantly, high paying job


And by the way, I found your post in the third place of Google SEPRs. Not removed at all

Anything what seems to be too good to be true, is scams. ALLWAYS remember this fact!

Great to find these comments... sometimes it makes me sad how people are trying to use our wish to just make ends meet.
But then.. that is tha way it is!!! THX again!

Greetings, TJ. Glad to see blogs providing honest reviews. I'm sick of seeing fake review sites whose content is like this isn't scam and that isn't scam - like, when will you guys review something and tell your readers it's a scam?

It was funny at first; with all the copy-pasted posts, privacy policies stating how being honest is the code of ethics for reviewers, and even recycled rating charts. Like, I just came across and giggled at how their rating charts are the same for all the posts (I've seen). Just compare whichever two of the posts.

The peak of irony is when such sites actually greet you with pop-ups offering you to participate in their *free* and *hidden* money-making programme... oh, God. It's not funny anymore; all I do upon seeing such scams nowadays is facepalm and sigh.

I just honestly hope someone using the Internet isn't stupid enough to fall for them (or being monitored by their parents if they're too young). Once again, cheers for the honest post.

Thanks a lot for sharing as a scam.

i also went to that site, but just like you i thought it sounded fishy. like, a ''today-only'' 50 percent off offer? c'mon, what's the odds? and just like you i googled it, coz i was unsure. i clicked to this site and got my suspicions verified. some scams are more obvious than others, and this was somewhere in the middle, if you look at all the scams i've seen. but why on earth would you have to pay to get a job? it was just like some Habbo-scam...

I just opened the site and find the amount of payment is fantastic for anyone who wants to join them.
Without hesitation I immediately look for info on google and found this site. Thank you for telling me realtranslatorjobs is a scam.

good thing i've googled it first. thank you for the comment on that scummed site it almost got me.but of course giving credit card information thru the net is not easy. this is an eye opener.thank you for the help and may GOD Bless you...

Thanks for the info. Glad to read your post.


I am a very well paid full-time professional translator and I do not make those amounts in a year. The only ones I know who earn such amounts are experts with tens of years of experience.

thank you for the post, I was on doubt also. Can you please indicate some reliable sites for online job as translator?

Like everyone above, i thought it sounded weird, I googled straight away and found this page, thank you, i am surprised to see that the police or someone is not stopping this people!

came here googling Tnx man.

Your site is now back at the top of the Google search for realtranslatorjobs.

Obviously, this is a BIG SCAM! Only a naive would buy this product.

i nearly became a victim 10 minutes ago...

HOW CAN YOU KNOW IT IS A SCAM IF YOU HAVE NOT TRIED IT YET? And as for your "Update: As of June 6, 2011, this post has been totally removed from the Google SERPs."... You are actually on page 1 on the number one spot when I Googled review.


I am a member of this translator job. The payment you're making is to get access to the transaltor jobs they have, i myself can testify that this website is indeed legit. if you scroll down, they offer a money back guarantee.

continuation from comment #94 they also offer a paypal mode of payment which is asecure way of paying and getting paid. its their access to the database that you need to pay for because not all can get access to it. its worth a try. they have money back guarantee so if you feel its not worth it, then ask for a refund

only an idiot would pay on that fake web. "they offer a money back guarantee" jajaja menuda panda de alelaos

I almost paid! Seriously. I clicked the $34 link and then I saw your post from another tab I opened and I quickly closed it down. WHEW! Thanks!!

Thank you so much for saving me, can you do a review for and as well? I know they're scam, I just want people to be aware of if you don't mind . Thank you so much for this honest review.

This is a shame and I am very annoyed that there are people out there hurting others financialy.

I hope that they are stopped, total scammers!!

I have the same thought about that site and google out this post. Thank you for sharing information.

we know poverty were increasing so why should believe for easy money making why should believe for very unbelievable sweet nothings promo's so we should be wiser for looking good nice not a scam part time job.

Thanks man. I wanted to check out reviews on that site before I did anything. This was the ONLY review I read and the ONLY review I needed haha! But, can anyone recommend any LEGITIMATE translation companies for freelance translators? I quit translating about 5 years ago (Spanish > English) and have focused on simultaneous court interpreting only. I am recently divorced and want to travel now so I am looking to once again do translating full time. Can anyone point me in the right direction (besides the obvious Thanks!

Hi and thanks, I saw their ad in and was interested for sure. Luckily looked from google more info and saw this page!

its seem like a little ponzi scam goin on jajajajajaja, guys fron get a fucking life at least go work in mac donalds, or come up with a better scam because this one is fucking burt and stupid.

I don't know how I even got to and I googled it immediately to check if its a scam, this page is on the 4th spot on the SERPs

all i thought is , my 'work from home' dream is shattered

Yes, realtranslatorjob is a scam and I am one of their many victims. They never answered any of my emails re: refund. I hope their operation will be stopped. They have already fooled a lot of people all over the world.

I hope the people behind this company, if it really exist will be put to jail.

Thanks for the info. At least I'm now enlightened.

this is a very said reality. my mom was once a victim of this scheme. here's a solution: why not report every ad to either the adword or overture team? the thing is they don't really review all the sites and ads.

thanks for your informative review, i should be more cautious also with clickbank and its affiliates.

Interesting review... Will have to search some more about them and see if anyone has done well with them before. I do know people who make money online translating, but I don't think they are a member of this site. Thanks for the information!

I think that realtranslator jobs should move on.
When a person does not respond to their mail, shouldn't they be bright enough to know that I am not interested any more!!!! A**holes.

At first I was like "Though it looks like a scam webpage, it cannot be because scam webpages fish for a broad range of people and only a tiny number of English-speaking people would even consider doing English/Japanese translation".

Then I read the "even if you don't speak the language, just let the automatic tools do all the translation for you and earn the cash" and thought "well, here is the broad range of people". Scam it looks like.

And then the 64 dollars with 50% off. "Okay, see you scam, I'll just have a check on Google about this being a scam".

And here I am.
Thank you for your time.

finally I find the answer that I've been looking for lately,, thanks 4 sharing :-)

You won't believe how gullible my parents are...
They wanted me to join this website and they continuously annoy me to do so.


thank you so much. you saved me and may money. Thank you :)

Man, you're right about 'pure greed!' I'm a Canadian living & working in Indonesia, & thought I'd give realtranslatorjobs .com a try. I hate to think of the amount of locals who might be lured into the site, paying half-a-year's salary for a membership to a bogus operation. Pure greed!

Dude. Kudos!
thanks a LOT. i mean a LOT!

damn google should ban these kinds of websites on there's adsense...

I googled the site and was a bit suspicious... Thank you TJ! You are helping a lot of people!

I loved the "no experience necessary" part :))
Thumbs up to TJ Panganiban for tipping us.

Thanks for the information. God speed!^_^

Thought you'd like to know, you are back on Google SERP. This post is ranked #1 for " scam"

No experience necessary mean it is a scam of course!

I clicked on it today and learned it was a scam when I read to the bottom of the page. However unfortunately I had succeeded in typing my email address and sending it to them before that. Nowadays they ask $94 for a membership, with a 50% discount. It would seem the translator business has stopped booming and they needed to raise prices for the job =(

This was a shame, because I already got excited. Translating is soemthing I could do with little or no pay. I was stunned to see $50 on the document price thinking "they really pay that much" lol.

Thanks. I was going to sign up and decided to search a little more about Real Translator Jobs and found your post.

i have read about all your posting and me too i was so shock when i got read about realtranslator which offer a big amount of salary,but then at end of page they asking for a membership fee!so funny that they offer a big job but they want to coolect fees to their members??If you want to earn money to a legitimate on line job just go to,i am one of them and this surely true.I was worked here for a years.

I don't believe they have the slightest interest in supplying anybody with translation jobs; all they want is your PayPal subscription

Interesting at first but I search in yahoo about this job and came across this review...thanx for sharing...!~

It's a fuXXing scam! Thanks for the review!

Yeah, I abandoned it the moment I learned I had to pay to get hired. Uhuh. Duh.

thanks for the info. been looking for a home-base job so i could earn money while at home and saw realtranslatorjob site. i saved its link and soi could read the page itself. good thing i saw your post before i manage to go through realtranslatorjob site...
i don't think it's necessary for me to verify that site.
thanks again.

Hello, köszönöm, hogy rátaláltam erre az oldalra. Engem naponta árasztottak el a fordítói munkáról szóló emailek. Tegnap megírtam nekik, hogy köszönöm nem kérek több emailt, mert tudom, hogy átverés. Ezt a címet közzé teszem a magyar fórumokon is és mellé írom, hogy szélhámosság az egész. Túl szép, hogy igaz legyen. Én is majdnem beleestem a csapdába de egy ismerősöm megadta ezt az oldalt. Köszönöm.

thank you very much.someone who claimed to be an online translator gave me this site.i guess i'm so dumb not to know that it is a scam or at least google it for a review.maybe i'm just so desperate to earn money in order to help my husband with regards to our finances. i did clicked on their 50% deal right away without logging in first unlike what most of the people who made a comment on this review did.then i paid through payapal. i was confident since paypal is a safe way of paying any transactions. but as i logged in to my paypal account the pay now butoon doesnt seem to be working at all.i refreshed it twice and still cant get through to pay for it.i dont know if its paypal's way of saving me from a scam site or it's just luck.only then that i realized i need to google it and i found your review.that confirmed everything.and i really thank you.if i didnt read your review maybe i'll keep on trying to pay just to be able to get an online job. stupid me huh? well, we all learn from our mistakes. thank you again.

How do we get this scum off the web.

Thanks for posting this article. I'll definitely stay away from them.

No doubt even if their scam job is dumb, but still many people fall into their trap and they still manage to squeeze money out of these poor people!!

Thanks for the warning. I was considering looking into it, but thought it seemed a bit dodgy... I'm glad I didn't waste my time.

I really believe that when you see 50% discounts, ONLY by invitation, 3 positions left etc. This smells like a scam...
Try if you want sth different. You don't need to pay anything there, but you need to work hard in order to make money by this method.

I *am* a professional translator, and let me tell you, the chances of earning $180,000 (as someone mentioned) working at home are virtually zilch. I billed about 1/4 of that last year, and that's before you deduct all the business expenses, tax etc..

Not only that, but the fact that you speak/write two languages fluently doesn't even remotely qualify you to be a translator, contrary to what some people think. That's the sort of attitude that gets translation a bad name (and you should see the amount companies who go for "bargain-basement" translations then have to spend on getting them corrected, or even redone completely, by someone competent). You need a high level of training/experience and sensitivity to different styles of language to do a job properly: do you seriously think you could translate, say, a text on nuclear physics, or even finance, in the proper style? I certainly couldn't - and wouldn't even try, because it's not one of my subjects. Much of the translation work out there is not just general day-to-day text, it's often specialised in one direction or another, and you need to be competent in that field to be able to produce good translations in it.

So, yes, if you see something like this, I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.

As a professional full-time translator myself, I agree to every word Alison wrote.

This is a 100% certified scam!

My ADVICE to anyone is to KEEP FAR AWAY arom Real Translator Jobs as it is a COMPLETE SCAM.
Real Translator Jobs is basically A SCAM and a DECEITFUL OPERATION. They promise you something BUT don't DELIVER it. They ask you to pay a fee that varies from $68 down to $14 and promise that once this is paid you will have access to Company Names that need TRANSLATORS.This is a LIE and does not happen. Instead they offer you a bonus of $1.500 or so to pay for the setting up of a WEBSITE and ask you to invent a name for the Site.Once a name is selected they tell you that you will have to pay about $120 a year to the designer of this site. They offered a bonus to set up the SITE FREE BUT here they are demanding more money. At this stage they don't mention TRANSLATORS any more as the name of the My ADVICE to anyone is to KEEP FAR AWAY arom Real Translator Jobs as it is a COMPLETE you select can be about anything under the SUN. I bailed out at this stage as I felt it was a complete RIP OFF operating under FALSE PRETENSES. This ADVERT AND COMPANY should be investigated by the POLICE. Aidan J.

wow!!! a lot of comments huh... I thank you for the enlightenment. i was almost caught up in this ruse. good thing most people do a research first before pushing through.

I also thank you for your courage in testing this website out and writing about it with full honesty. i believe every word. I have customer's who are fooled by some ruses made on ClickBank as well. Poor PayPal, name is dragged in this scam...

Again, thank you.


Thanks, it did look suspicious, especially when I was about to leave the page and a message come up with "don't go, today we have a special offer of 4.95$ membership"
yeah right!
if a potential employer ask you to pay, well that smells fishy

thank you, love people like you. Peace and love!

Thanks mate... almost a victim as well!!!

Most, if not all work from home jobs via the internet are scams. You're better off making pot holders and selling them the old fashoined way than trying to find a quick fix job on the onternet. Good review. People need to be warned about these scams esoecially now that loads of folks are desperate and will try anything!


Thx for the real 411 on them.!

Btw: you are back as number one on Google. ;o)

Very nice post. Thanks for saving the moronic idiot buffoons. LOL!

The lengths people go to scam people. If only they put in all the hard work in to something more creative.

Good Post.

Hi, This is a nice post. I wish we have such posts for all the scams running all over the WWW. This would save alot of people faling a pray to such scammers...

wheewww,,, many thanks for this post, really saved me a lot. i was on my way to pay them... but luckily i see this post...
thanks, again..

You may never think about it, but this page save people- especially those who still hold naive belief or simply can't see there are bad people like this in the world(and they would meet such people). My bestfriend is one of them, and this page would be useful and legitimate to convince her more.
Maybe this is nothing for you, but know this- even if your warning save just one person because others already aware of this scam, you still save one person. Thankyou for caring enough to create this page.
Don't get tired of saving naive people please.

Just don't believe similar site that offer instant money :)

Thank you for your saved a lot of people from a scam site.

thank you for sharing! this is very helpful.

wow. thanks for posting this. saved me time and money.



I was not looking for a job, but this site popped up and it attracted my attention. The scam sticks out a mile because in their greed to get more money they say that people with no special training are required. That's too stupid. translating documents without translator's skill. Give me a break.

Thank you a lot for your honest review! I will write a similar to in my language so they dont get fooled by the shiny get-rich-quick scams!

Awesome, thanks for making this article. When I saw the site the first thing I did was search google for " SCAM"

Glad I came across your page.
Ugh, I really hate how people swindle others in the net--others who really want to earn money so they can get a better life!

Thanks a lot, and I want to add something, I've had the link of this translator from another fake site that took 255$ from me and wouldn't honour their refund guarantee, that's from (OTT)
They are just a scam and now apparently they advertise for other scams.
I hope no one will be fooled by this

A la mierdaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! con todos los sitios de encuestas y de traductoress solo busca engañar a la gente necesitada, deveria darle verguenza

ahah, nice review... Just came across this website pop-up, and was kinda too good to be true, so I had to check for it, and your website came first.
I wouldn't have paid anything even without reading your review, but you saved me time still.

Good work, keep it up, people like you are highly needed on internet.


Some of us can "smell" this but some others don't. Thank you for taking your time writing about these scammers

Thank you for the warning! But still, many are blinded by the huge offer given by these scammers. Is there a way to have these people penalized or what?

thanks for the review. so many site are public fraud. realtranslatorjobcom is one of it


A real work is working your ass on making money not in a click of your finger. There is no pay and become rich in a week. A big lie! Remember, you can make money on not paying anything online!

I still have time to do another business. But thanks god I found this page with useful information. I am now in referral program SFI
and store on Tripleckick Both sites are connecting and working together.

Anybody know for some real non scam business?

An ad for employment opportunities that advertises MONEY MAKING before "employment" must be a SCAM!

thanks you save me from this demonic site.

By the way do you even heard about paidsocialmediajobs of twitter,facebook,youtube? is this legit or not? I will truly appreciate if someone email me regarding this paidsocialmediajobs if this is legit or not here is my email: thanks a lot.

There's a huge bunch of BS scam artists on the internet these days. My advice is Never Trust or Expect Any Thing to Earn a big fortune Over Night, because after you joined, paid the fee...then Wait...wait...wait...then GIVE UP. We should have a mindset that Getting Trained Step by Step then Focus on Working through the way...then build up stable foundation for success. I'm curently working daily with 10K challenge program & result gets better. Learn more here for yourself here: Thanks. David Dane

it is not a scam. i also registered coz i thought it was only the membership fee that i had to pay. since there are more charges before you can get a job, i requested that my money be refunded. i searched for forums on how to get a refund & luckily i found this link AND IT IS REAL! i just called my credit card company & got confirmation that i have credit from clickbank. the credit was made one day after i requested it. =)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Okay! This is all about people telling about the scams. Everyone is busy in saving other's ass. But can anyone post about an actual paying site or any legit home business. I really need some extra bucks and even when I know for sure that the site is a scam it still tempts me. So please help!!!!! Somebody! Admin??

Okay! This is all about people telling about the scams. Everyone is busy in saving other's ass. But can anyone post about an actual paying site or any legit home business. I really need some extra bucks and even when I know for sure that the site is a scam it still tempts me. So please help!!!!! Somebody! Admin??

wahhh they almost got me//but thanks to u...

Thank you for your post. I was about to fall on this and the only reason that has avoided me to fall on this was: How someone has to pay to get a job? I should make the job and afterwards they should pay me and not me to pay to get paid.This was the main reasonnot to fall on this scam.

well i have visited another translate-and-make-money stuff site. not in US or UK, but in South Korea cause i'm korean. and it was saying like 'approved by government - run by government'ish. and it was quite popular.

but guess what? they wanted me to pay 700 bucks to join. i'm doing good about translating lyrics, contract, email, novel and everything. but i don't want to get there if i have to pay. no one demands you to pay when they hires you! i would rather take an interview than this shitty joke....

Thank you for writing this up. It is really depressingly scummy what they are doing here. I even started reading one of the fake reviews. The summary was basically "It's not a scam because if people are willing to pay money for it, it must be worth it!" Pathetic

I had that email too, and its very interesting indeed. Imagine no experience could have bigger salary than an hardworking employee. I almost fall for it but after see that I have to paid $34 from my credit card. Well just say that I never click the "pay button". Thank you for your information. Its very useful.

I see the offer from $68 to $24, so I go to check the website to confirm whether this website was scams. And the earn was too high, was impossible for a online translator. Thank you for this website.

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