The Sims Social Cheats, Hacks and Bots for Facebook (Feb 08 2012)

Update 04 Feb 2012: Added plenty of new gift links and a new cheat. Share this on Facebook now.

You've landed here looking for Sims Social cheats, hacks and bots for Facebook. but do you remember the Sims series on the PC when it was in its peak? Yeah, every computer rental place you go to are filled with kids dressing up their Sims family, ordering them to do chores, entering lots of cheats on their Sims Social game and lots of other mundane things actually. But now that Facebook's the place to be everywhere in the world, gaming giant Electronic Arts decided to republish their former hit The Sims by integrating it to Facebook and calling it The Sims Social.

The Sims Social "is a light, simple web game that lets you control your Sim's life day-to-day. It's up to you to fulfill your Sim's Lifetime Wishes, from world-renowned Surgeon, to Chess Master, to Five-star Chef and more." Do note that the former SimSocial is different from the The Sims Social Facebook game today.

Anyway, The Sims Social on Facebook is such a big hit now and everyone's playing. The Year of the Dragon has just entered and Valentines is coming up. I'm sure the guys at EA are preparing a lot of heart-related items this February. So anyway, head down below for the Sims Social cheats, hacks and bots for Facebook.

The Sims Social Facebook Cheats

PassiLP's Shop Hidden and Unreleased Items Cheat NEW 02/04/2012!

This cheat will enable you to acquire hidden, expired and currently unavailable items at the online shop. Working as of February 3, 2012 and is permanent. We of course give thanks and credits to PassiLP, the notorious gaming dude who discovered this Sims Social cheat.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Updated SS Hidden Items Hack by PassiLP from 2.3.2012 DL Link (Password: passilp)

Like us on Facebook!

1. Open Google Chrome, click thee wrench icon on browser toolbar, select Tools, select Clear browsing data, check everything, then press the Clear browsing data button. This method is also known as clearing your Google Chrome cache;
2. Open Fiddler2, select thee AutoResponder tab (green lightning icon) and tick the two boxes under the tab, namely the Enable Automatic Responses and Unmatched Requests Passthhrough options;
3. Download and extract the updated Sims Social items hack by PassiLP, then drag all of the files extracted to the empty space below the AutoResponder tab (the area where you can find If URL matches... | then respond)
4. Open Facebook, log-in your Sims Social account, and go shopping at your leisure. Can get very addicting.

Video Tutorial

Thanks and credits to PassiLP for sharing this cheat to the community. Show your appreciation by subscribing to his YouTube channel.

The Sims Social Turn Social Points to Simoleons Trick

To convert Social Points to Simoleans, you simply need to go to the Decorating Shop and buy a "Stolen Kiss" for 2750 Social Points. Sell it and you will have gained 2750 Simoleons instead. This can also be used to raise the value of your homestead: Buy the "Stolen Kiss" and you will notice that it increases the value of your homestead by 7750 Simoleons, with only the 2750 Social Points having been spent.
*Credits to CH and kyle393

The Sims Social Free Gift List NEW 02/04/2012!

Here's a mega list of all the free gifts, simoleons, and social points in The Sims Social combined. I decided to scrap the old format because it's very convoluted. With this new one, straight to the point and clean. Just report dead links at the comments section.

Attention: Most links last for only 24 hours. Claim your free gifts now or it will expire.

Free Simoleons
1,000 Simoleons
500 Simoleons
500 Simoleons
500 Simoleons   
800 Simoleons
800 Simoleons

Free Social Points
300 Social Points

Free Items
Cloth x2
Dove Hair Station
Tycoon Mystery Box
Huaca Golden Vase
Lucky Dim Sum
RiSK Fraction Arcade

The Sims Social Guide

If you're new to playing the Sims Social, this .pdf file is for you. This guide has 28 pages containing player controls, playing guides and tips, and the should-meets in the game. Download it at the link below:

Sims Social Cheating Tips

WARNING: If a site offers you a Sims Social bot or hack download with a survey, it's a sham. The website owner makes you fill out surveys because its earning him money. And even after you fill out the survey, the file you will download is half-baked, meaning it's fake or trash. Even in the underground there's
no Sim bot developed yet. Trust me, I know.

Another thing is, if you comment on a website like the one I mentioned above, your comment will say something like "Your comment is awaiting moderation." That means that your comment will never see the light of day if you say something like "WTF YOUR DOWNLOAD IS FAKE FUUUUUUUUU!"

• If someone points you to a link where they tell you you can download a Sims Social cheating program for a hefty price, it's fake. Do not believe this kinds of shams. You'll just waste your money. But if it's for real, I assure you it's going to be leaked all over the web, guaranteed'

IMPORTANT: Do not trust links provided for in the comments section box especially by people who are Anonymous. There's a high probability that they contain trojans and/or other malicious malware. For example, this particular link provided for by Anonymous commenter #27 contains a Dropper.gen trojan variant. So be careful.

Anyway, I'll update this post with more Sims Social Facebook cheats, hacks and bots more get discovered and shared. That I promise to you. And frankly, with all the cheats that was integrated in the previous Sims games, what's not to cheat here right? Thanks and credits to all the people concerned for this mega post.

The Sims Social is already out. Play it now.

'Till my next installment.

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The beta version just went live. So people are now looking for cheats

dude it's out already! any energy cheats??? and i need more simoleons!

"The Sims Social" Do you have hacks knows and sees if any subject can be?

Note: I found one after the computer icon to open "cheat egine" Click.Firefox 's Under the "plugin-container" Click. "Open" to open, say.
"Enable Speedhack" Click and select Speed​​. But the speed "10" switch may experience errors. Then start the game, and Energy

In the meantime, those who know the tricks, like me, like this under the European model of this subject.

Thanks for the tip, but now I'm stuck with loads of energy that I can't spend because the game keep on restarting even though I stopped Cheat Engine. What to do ?

i got the same problem as 13... what to do??!!
now my game is stuck!

dont go to its one of those fake websites that makes you do surveys to download their "hacking tool"

how to use the cheat in google chrome??can u please help?

I did it and it says that we've hit a bug, i can't spend my energy or play anymore. PLEASE HELP!!!

Now my game's super fucked up after using Cheat Engine to speed hack. I have the same problems...a reload after a few minutes, or after spending a few energy. Help?

This comment has been removed by the author.


Just wait a time to rebound energy... I think....

the only cheat is to pay for new simoleans, noobies.

they wouldnt allow gaps when there are money reated.

That cheat freezes up on me. I finally got this and it works better. Don't go to their website because the developer makes you fill out stupid surveys. Here's a direct download:

^don't download from this link. it contains malware.

after enable speedhack, what should i do ?
please help me :(

tips stop game stop after using the cheat..
1-close the game
2-open it again with the cheat engine and do the same..except the speed..make it 1 ..then close it and the game..and open the game aga

IT works !!

I Heard Someone Can Hack Simoleons Using Fiddler But It's Hard To Find The SWF Files Can Someone Find It ?

my profiles dead. i tried loggin in usin diferent browsers. useless.

somehow i got to 429 energy. but once i clicked on anything. for instance sitting on the couch. it automatically becomes zero energy.
im figurin out how to keep the 429 energy.
is there anyone out there that has an idea, enlighten me pls. haha

my energy went to 429 but when i use it.. it goes back to 15.. and when i use the energy.. few seconds later it will reload.. and i will start with 429 energy again.. WTF!! now i cant play the sims anymore..

I opened my cheat and set speed back to 1... no errors till now.. try it.. should work!

Renz... on the right side of cheat engine... you will see a tiny box to TICK.. tick that and then a new box will come and u can chose the speed.. make sure u dont do it over 10... i keep it at 5.. its a stable speed doesnt crash so much.. i am just trying to see if theres a way that i can make it to 50 and it doesn crash... not found yet

well it runend my game.. it was fun for the first 5 mins lol i was on 6.0 and got enegy rely fast now uit crashes every min ;/

To everyone who face the cheat failed problem (That's mean keep refreshing) . You can try to open your "The Sim Social" , well , you will see 429 energy right ? Use one and it will become back to 15 , now the "refresh request" haven't pop out right ? Close your "The Sim Social" , reopen it after that , keep trying this until you open the game and see your energy come back to 0 and the time need to wait until next energy produce is "8 mins +" . Now, your game is back ! I try 3 times then it's work .

How did you guys get up to 429?! I tried to let it go up to 10 energy and then play but all it does it 'hit a snag' and then I go back and nothing has saved =/

I also facing same problem..after i clean cache then solved..Try it!! xD

Why is my screen freezing on the loading screen in The Sims Social?

If you'll release the hack with a tool. please don't upload it in any survey sites.. >.<

i love how my comment got deleted. basically i said that sims social has already worked around this cheat. so, choose for yourself if it's worth it. i dont think it is.

any ideas on social points?? i need loads for a hot tub!!!!! and what does woo hoo mean cos every time i click on it my sim cries :s

dude can u pelase upload it in mediafire or multiupload?

i tested the download and it worked for me thanks!!!

if its not a survey then u nid to pay.. haiz..
why dont ya just upload it for free without survey and etc?


he told their that someone sent it to him, meaning it was not from the author of this site

The orange fridge link 404'd on me. Just so you know.

Hi, I was just wondering. How can you fix your Sims Social? I got an error of 3000 because of using Cheat Engine then when I logged in, my energy was 429 and it's always error. Help me please. :(

My sims is okay now. I hope.. Thank you ^ 40

Easy money cheat. You don't need anything else then a internet browsera and time.

1. Click on the link which is for the free chair.
2. The chair cost 29 gold which is 2900 cash (2.9k) but when you sell an iteam you sell it for 1/10 of the buy price so in this case 290 cash.
3. THe free iteams can be obtained many times, so if you open 10 times the link and press contune and then close the tab you will have 10 chairs in your storage which oyu can sell for 290 each and in this case this is 2.9k in total which is the cost of a room 4x6 or a tv for 2k and you still have 900 spare.


does anyone know safe speed to not having it crash? i've tried 4 and still crashes.

Go to a friends house ans use their shower over and over, it costs you nothing, but you get 2 social points and 5 simoleons every time you do so.

snag isnt a problem anymore google it dumb people!

I tried CE speed 10 it works!!no crashes...I think it crashes when the speed of net get down

I have an idea but i will have to wait for the sims to go online again. So whats my idea. There is a web debuger called Charles and it has a function to repeat a pack of data (pack of data is the information send from my game window to the server of the game so basicly if i find the data pack which my game sends when i take a bath from another sims shower and i repeat it without geting STO (server-time-out, for those who don't know this means the game will give an error, you will have to referesh and start all over again) i could get 5 coins for every POD (pack of data) and this is 5k for 1k times repeat.


Firs of all you need the game and currently Sims SOcial is down and second of all if you haven't used Charles and i think you haven't even heard of it, just don't try it, and if you read again my post i say it's an idea, i know the basics and i know which buttons to press :) but i don't know will it work becouse i haven't tryed it.


PS. If it workes i will share the method with this site :)

Okay okay. Thanks for the info. I hope it will work. Thank you. Any ideas of increasing Simoleons?

If your talking abut the gold cash sorry but the answer is NO, the only way to get them is to buy them. If your talking about the blue cash that looks like diamonds the idea is the same as the one for the shower, but it will not work and i i will explain why.
- Technicly if you have 15 energy and you go to Bella and you do an interactin with her that gives you Blue cash (the one that loks like diamon) you can repeat the POD, BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT you have 15 energy + 5 daily + 1 more energy when you finish the daily in total 21 energy and if you repeat it 22 times there will be STO. So unless there is a way to get blue cash without using energy there will be not hack about them.


PS. Sorry if i call the the money in sims cash, blue cash and gold cash but i don't know there names :(

Funny thing, i write the longest comments here :D


well tjs, cant u get the file and put it on the web so we can download it without putting the payment methods ? or maybe even get a site that gives away free hot tubs, and the most expensive sims cash items, plz ?

the free stuff link doesnt work for me. :( it says cannot process this feed or soomething. are there any links for the cheat where i dont have to pay?

@76 Well, the free items has been detected due to massive influx of people using it here in the site. I'll keep looking for new ones though.

@Everyone Y'all can at least say thank you right?

well of course thanks tjs, keep up the good work, but one favor if u dont mind, to get a hack that gives infinite simoleons, sims cash(if possible) and social points, without paying or surveys, downloading it for free ... again, thanks for your hard work :)

Sims Social bot by me =)
you only need .Net Flash and a being able to read to run this bot =)
1800 simoleons /h and 720 social points /h

know bugs:
->If you close the bot without ending the shower cycle it will continue trying to shower... you can avoid this by hitting "Cancel" before closing.
-> You can't do anything wile the bot is running... by suggestion of Christopher Cobb you can avoid this by running the bot in a virtual machine.

Please answer my question do you know how to hack simoleons for cash?? and also social points? :)

Rev hi i used your bot, it starts it loads the game but when i fill the value of showers i want to take and the cash i will get it says it goes to bellas house but the nothing happens in the game ?


scanned Rev Soul's app with MBAM, totally safe but a few bugs to work out. Thanks Rev!

@REV - link seems to not longer work? (404)

There is only one way to cheat and it is legit , it isn't even a chat as such and yes it is the shower , go to any sim click on shower and do take a shower , (IT USES NO ENERGY) it gives you 5 coins and 2 social points each time , the social points are like cash , go to shop buy something with the social points , sell it get the same back in cash , ie hot tub 3250 social = 3250 cash ,failing that just keep clicking on all the wasll posts and collect cash etc that way also , until a legit cheat does come about :)

Shower trick no longer works, its been removed today, so its pointless to use the bot. errr,

Im using shower trick but now its been removed theres nothing else to do to earn simoleans without using energy.


actually it does work, just that it washes the hand. because when i go to bella's house, the cursor kept clicking for the sink. :( i hope rev fixes this.

@A. Mallie "i hope rev fixes this" ?! Seriously? Don't tell me you are that lazy that you just can't adjust the window so the bot clicks on bella's shower? People have dif screen resolutions you know? lol. Anyway it doesn't matter you don't get cash and social point that way anymore. But seriously, next time instead of spending those seconds on a comment, spend them thinking >_>

Shower Bot: In my case, bathroom doesn't give simoleons and social points..

i think they fixed the shower thing, cuz i farmed it for a couples of days, and now all of a sudden the only thing it gives is the mood points no more simoleons or social points

Is this working? ^ Can someone confirm it please. Thanks in advance.

Anyone have a suggestion how to earn simoleans without consuming energy ?

is it safe to use the bot? i downloaded it but didn't open it because of the bone/pirate afraid it's a virus.

i didnt get social point and simoleon after shower anymore since yesterday. FYI.

shower bot did not work anymore, it's written get +2 social and +5 simoleon on the bot screen, but in the game, i don't get anything, :)

If you have read complete reply from user yesterday shower tricks is not working anymore after their sims update..

I Have try by Cheat Engine, but when my Energy is Full, the game always Snag :(

who got 429 energy and always snag.. it because your energy is negative. you still can play by using cheat engine or wait until your energy goes to positive. remember each 1 energy required 5minutes to increase.. so if your energy is -2 so your need 10minutes to recover your energy back to 0.

what does the 3000 error mean?? i cant play!! it sucks i can get in for maybe a minute and then it has an error message that says 3000 reload....

The speedhack keeps my sim account error even with a 1-2 speed. The shower doesn't work anymore, It doesn't give the sim a simoleons. The survey is nonesense

@Rev please fix the bot, make it for take a nap at rivals friend sofa.. coz it give 5 simoleons + 2 social points without energy.. thx b4 Rev :)

i tried downloading the bot at, it's so hard with the bullshit survey and when i finally dwnloaded the bot it didn't work! piece of crap that website!

its pity that u can use the free links only once.

Rev Soul's back =)

sims social bot 2.1
->New way to win simoleons/social points (bella's sofa)
->NEW xp winning optional
->click speed's / run time options

*recommended to be run in a Virtual Machine

any questions / feedback / suggestions / thanks
email me @

^ What's with new bot? tried sitting on belle's sofa and nothing happens.

@Rev how to set the bot for the best result rev?
give some tips, Thx

This one works, have a bad relationship w/ a friend's sims. Nap on the couch, repeat and voila you'll get instant coins and social points.

so technically you need to have a bad relationship with bella?

just need "sort of friends" after awkward friends +3 or 4 insults and your done

i personally like use it with mouse speed or 0.3sec in my vMware virtual machine only with nap active (the xp some times accidently clicks the in collection what make's the bot useless there one, i'm trying to correct this but its taking time) guess i also recommend "babysit" the bot if you want xp, until i correct this

open your sim social account, make sure that it has loaded completely then go to shop, run your 6.1 cheat engine. set the speed to 100. When the energy bar is filled up, stop the cheat engine and exit the shop. Now use the energy. I have tried doing this technique and you can only use this 2 consecutive times. if you use it more than 2x, it would crash after 5 - 10 mins. just sharin.

use the cheat engine - speedup ones in a while, there would be less crashing of your game.

The Sims Social Free Big Poster NEW! 404 error

@Rev: I can't seem to open the Social Bot. I'm using Macbook Pro and running a Virtual Machine on Parallels. Any idea why?

this is interesting, my niece was just visiting her neighbors, doing normal stuffs. but then something happened, she just got 2000+ SIMCASH. she didn't know how that happened. i am so jealous.. :) does anyone have idea?

i want to ask a favor, if all of you using a bot or auto clicker, how do you handle this "come back, your sims need you" ? tq b4

same prob w/ 123. Can't leave my sims for 10minutes coz it always ended up saying "come back blablah" . any tips on how to fix that one up?

the simple is please give the newbie tutor for using the bto


Additional tips, while using C.E, do not let your energy to be filled up completely coz it only gives you negative energy and that will make your application snag.
+, keep a speed limit. Im using 2, since my connetion's kinda jittery sometimes. however, 5 is safe if you have stable net.

@ all, Help with tutorial please, how to use a bot/ auto clicker without any problem like this "come back your sims need you", thx all :)


most probably the .Net framework is missing in your virtual machine try install it first if it isn't the problem email me a screen so i can better figure it out

to the "come back" problem's maybe you got to much delay in the click speed with a bit more lag may lead to that... i'm not seeing any other way... it worked for me up to 12h straight =/

@128 so how much delay you used to setting it?

i'm always at the 0.1 delay xD

kinda of a video tutorial:

anyone here know hack hpw to get unrealesed items? becase some of my friends have alot of them

This comment has been removed by the author. 1000 simoleans

go to these links guys. Hope it would help you get more free stuffs, coz I did.

FREE CharKoohl Black BBQ >>>

FREE Liebefunkenmann SS-10 Keyboard >>>

FREE The Sims Family Poster >>>

FREE Pogo Arcade Machine >>>

FREE 1,000 Simoleons >>>

FREE Neukum Classic Guitar

I have a brand new computer and downloaded flash player 10 and quicktime player and sims social on facebook still freezes up on me right away. any ideas y?

why cant i go to the level 10?? waaaaaaaa!!!!!!

its kindly complicated to use this bot because there is no guide on the complicated virtual machine part...the bot needs to run on virtual machines....

The bot would start but wouldn't identify Bella's house. It kept going into my other friend's house and try to nap there instead.

Can someone PLEASE tell me if I have to have .net frame work V.4 in order to use the other bot? I downloaded it but it won't let me use it.

If you go to the shop, the game pauses but your energy gets restored after every 5 min.

can you still play after you have been error'd??
cos i speed hack / CheatEngine my profile. and ive tried replaying my game but it hangs after a minute / error'd. sadsad.

ok i dont know if im blind for not but where do i download the cheat engine? is it on this page?

I am wondering why in current bot it run smoothly and complete. But it doesn't make changes in the Social Sim itself. :(

download CheatEngine on its website itself. google it. dont accept any links given, most probly SURVEY LINKS, if given. those mofos..

is there any cheat on energy using cheat engine???

really nice what do all the bot climber think, we are all stupid lol

i am able to do the speedhack while in shop to gain energy, then i use the energy and nothing crashes. but when i exit the game and go back into it, everything is just back to how it was before? no energy and no extra coins i earnt while using my energy.

seems like the nap trick aint working now, :DD coz when u nap alot, it disconnects, like snag, haha

i love this site so much thank you ill be back again:)

Free Items:
bath tub -
chair -
ref -
guitar -
book shelf -
paint -
grill -
keyboard -

guys adjust your delays to 3000 for better clicking ^^ napping bot is still working its just an auto clicker it will not snag..

Free pompeii Fireplace!
I hope it works!

If it doesn't work try this.

Thanks for the guys who are sharing their freebies!

i really like the free items . . ! thanks. !

Download Free Sims Social Hack now!!!!
UNlimited Simoleons!!
UNlimited Energy
Set your own level...
Only on mediafire for a limited time before i put the hack back on sharecash!!!! DOWNLOAD NOW...

The napping bot doesn't work anymore.=( Was using it today then suddenly the hit a snag message appeared and asked to reload the page.After reloading I can no longer get simoleons and social points from napping.

try to download from:

It is the official cheat engine hack tool

The mean relationship couch napping no longer works.

^ yes. It's no longer working. :( but it's working a while ago. And now it;s not availble.

I'm not sure how often this is updated, but two of your biggest cheats no longer worked. Shower money trick was removed a while ago, and they just recently took off the nap on couch trick because some idiot posted it on the playfish forums. So basically two of your biggest cheats here no longer work and someone has to come up with something else.

We need to come up with new tricks which can be used wiht autoclicker.

The speed hack cheat works really well and is easy to do , but the problem lies when every 2 minutes they catch you out and have to 'reload page' leaving you with zero energy once loaded up so its a win loose situation unfortunately.

hmmm.. we need to find for other ways.. napping is gone.. :(

Hey, do you guys know how to get sim cash for free? :P Maybe you should try to discover it. Hehe btw, nice page.

Post # 169 with the social bot hack is a virus do not download...

Download Free Sims Social Hack now!!!!
UNlimited Simoleons!!
UNlimited Energy
Set your own level...
Only on mediafire for a limited time before i put the hack back on sharecash!!!! DOWNLOAD NOW...

can someone tell me how long should i use the speedhack before they catch me ???

the speedhack works well before catching a snag !

Thanks bro, i watch this page everyday.
Thanks for share you all guys.
Add me.

the sofa napping doesn't work anymore TT__TT;

they patched the sofa bot but not the others .maybe we will keep it confidential.-_- lol...otherwise it will be patched again..

@192 others? you mean there still another way? e-mail me pls.

so you can't get coins and points from the shower or sofa anymore... does anyone have a new way to get some cash and sim points? I have been trying things but so far I have some up with nothing.

Dunkin Dough free chair

try auto clicker.. with other.. xD

@192 yeah drop me a line too how else can we get social points and simoleans?

If anyone can post the mechanics of energy and how it works, that would be great. I'm looking to make Cheat Engine a reliable method of attaining energy faster without it snagging or 429 glitching.

Hey, the 5 Simoleons and 2 Social Points Mean Relationship Trick is not WORKING anymore. :(

yea, REYNARD WALTER. I want to know but I don't want people
to ruin it for us

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