White Knight Chronicles: Origins Game Guide

White Knight Chronicles: Origins is one of the hot games on the PSP right now. So it's no wonder that players and fans alike unite knowledge and resources to create fan-made White Knight Chronicles: Origins walkthroughs and game guides.

Such is the White Knight Chronicles: Origins Skill Tree list compiled by FEREN and posted by CMan79. Head on to the section below for more information:

White Knight Chronicles - Skill Tree List


# = Skill number as listed in-game
Skill Name = Skill name; not accurate
SP = Skill points required to acquire skill
AC = Action chips required to use the skill
MP = Mana points required to use the skill
Damage Type = The type of damage the skill does to monsters
Attribute = The attribute(s) that the skill depends on. Its the reason Back Slash always hits less than Slash for you STR characters
Skill description = The skill description as described in-game; not accurate

White Knight Chronicles - Skill Tree List download link (.pdf)


Credits to rockerblood, CMan79, and FEREN for this skill tree list.

Anyway, I'll be on the lookout for more White Knight Chronicles: Origins game guides and walkthroughs out in the internet. Stay tuned in and keep checking this post.

'Till my next installment.

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