Who is Mary Christine Jolly?

A recent newsclip at TV Patrol again shook the strong foundation of Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban's relationship.

The newsclip told about a certain Mary Christine Jolly, a Filipino-Indian, being married to Derek Ramsay—whose whole name is Derek Arthur Ramsay—way back April 2002. A family lawyer stated that the marriage of Derek Ramsay to this Mary Christine Jolly is in fact still valid and in full force because there was no annotations on the face of the couple's marriage contract.

Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban faced the controversy bravely and told the media that they will help each other push through. The couple remained mum on the matter, but Derek said that he would tell the public his side of the story in  the following months because it is "a very personal matter." That said, not much detail was put into light.

Mary Christine Jolly on the other hand, and according to the media, decided not to comment on the matter.

Who is Mary Christine Jolly? We'll learn in the following days to come. You read it first here.

'Till my next installment.


shes a model married to derek ramsey.. confirmed from NSO office.

Not only that Derek Ramsay is legally married to Mary Cristine Jolly Ramsay. They have a son together, Austin Ramsay, 8 yrs old and Derek never did give financial support and left Mary Christine when she was 2 months pregnant. Mary Christine is in Dubai right now with her mother Josie Jolly.

so in short,derek is an irresponsible?wow,Angel,come to think of it...

relatives of the jolly's are in zamboanga city..

the man of few words got many secrets

can anyone give me a link of ms. jolly's photo? btw, i am from zamboanga city.. relatives of hers are from here? do u know their family name and from where they are exactly... umm?

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