How to Remove or Delete Most Visited in Google Chrome

I recently switched from Firefox 5 to Google Chrome due to the former's incessant crash issues on my computer. I just hate to reopen Firefox, reopen all the tabs I previously opened just for the browser to crash again. I googled for answers for quite a number of hours, sad to say I didn't find my answer and I think it's time to move on.

But then, as I used Google Chrome, I found out that it was keeping tabs on all the websites I opened. I was asking to myself, "how could I remove or delete these 'Most Visited' tabs in Google Chrome?" So if you're asking the same question, head on below and follow the step-by-step instructions on how to remove or delete Most Visited in Google Chrome.

How to Remove or Delete Most Visited / Recently Closed in Google Chrome

1. Open a new Google Chrome browser window. If you have a current one open, that will do;

2. Go to the upper-right section of the Google Chrome browser window and look for a wrench icon. You can't miss it, it's just below the exit (x) button;

3. Click on the wrench, a dropdown bar will appear. Click on "New incognito window". Alternatively, you can press CTRL+Shift+N;

4. Voila! Google Chrome Incognito Mode!

And that's it, no more Most Visited, no more Recently Closed and no more browser or search history that can be traced back to you or used against you, especially if your computer is being used by multiple users. Best of all, no more nosy brother or sister always looking at your Facebook account.

Now that you know how to remove or delete Most Visited in Google Chrome, you can share this post if it helped you.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. hi i am shakunt from india,,,, well their is a situation when we don't want to see other what we have visited on internet.. in google from it displays the first screen with most visited page,,, so the easiest way is to drag the thumb view that is displayed to the right side of the screen and the option appears to right side ,, just above the time that appers of every computer.. its written remove from crome drop tht their.


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