Old Spice "Mano a Mano" - Mustafah VS Fabio

I have been following a series of videos being released at YouTube by the Old Spice brand of deodorant about two dudes duking it off to the end on who's going to be the Old Spice mascot, the Old Spice Guy if I recall it correctly.

The funny African-American gym buff is Isaiah Mustafah while the long-haired blondie is—you might have seen him in porn flicks—Fabio.

The video below is their "Mano a Mano", the video where they both face off after a string of back and forth jab videos. Well you have to realize that all the jabs were scripted. So watch on below:

I'm a long time fan of the old Old Spice Guy (Isaiah Mustafah) and of course of the Old Spice brand. I use it everyday personally. But it's just quite sad that all the hype the Old Spice PR team build on their "Mano a Mano" promo didn't fetch as many views as I was expecting. 139,000+ views as of this writing? That's nothing. Peter Chao's videos regularly hit 350 to 400+ views.

Maybe this vid will pick up steam soon and go viral. And to think that Fabio even knocked on Reddit's door. If this promo tanks, he must feel like a dufus.

'Till my next installment.

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