UAAP Season 74 Schedule Men’s Basketball

The first games of the UAAP Season 74 have been recently started. If you've been following the news, the starting winners were the last two teams that fought for the title last year.

Now, this page features the eliminations schedule of the UAAP Season 74 in men's basketball. Again, note that the men's basketball schedule below is for the eliminations only. Proceed to the section below:

UAAP Season 74 Schedule Men

On a side note though, I wonder what basketball league would gather more viewers: Would it be the PBA or the UAAP? If you don't know the PBA Governor's Cup is just around the corner.

Anyway, aside from the men's basketball schedule, click here to know the UAAP Season 74 Basketball Standings.

'Till my next installment.

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