Yo Momma Harry Potter Jokes

It's been a great American tradition to say something negative about your friend's mother, hence the term Yo Momma. It's so popular MTV even made a show about people telling Yo Momma jokes. I don't know what happened to that show, maybe it got cancelled.

With respect to the last Harry Potter movie coming to cinemas worldwide this July 15, 2011, I found a screenshot's worth of Harry Potter Yo Momma jokes on Facebook. So if you're a huge Harry Potter fan, mess up your friend's Facebook account—or tweet to everyone you know—by posting Yo Momma jokes. Anyway, head to the section below for the good stuff:

Did you find the Yo Momma Harry Potter jokes above funny or offensive? Well, it's your call if ever you decide to use it or not. At least use it sparingly, or use it to someone who's game.

Anyway, my personal favorite from the above is "Yo momma so fat the Sorting Hat assigned her to the House of Pancakes!"

'Till my next installment.

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