$99,999.00 Items on Sale at Amazon.com

Occasionally you see very expensive stuff being posted for sale on the internet. Probably you've heard of Serendipity 3's Grand Opulence ice cream. Priced at $1,000.00, the Grand Opulence is laced with an edible gold leaf, a gold spoon, all inside a crystal goblet. There's also this diamond and gold iPad 2 called the iPad 2 Gold History Edition that sells for $8,000,000.00. At that amount, you can buy two houses, a couple of cars, and lots of girls.

But what would you do if you see the most mundane of items being sold for $99,999.00? Well, Amazon just gave the world that privilege. Behold the three most expensive mundane stuff on sale at Amazon:

Whipped Cream

Lemon Squeezer

• Teapot with Infuser Basket

And I'm not kidding. These pages do exist. Just visit the links below before you shout "SHOOPED!":


I dunno why exactly this happens, or if there's any reason behind it at all. One thing I'm sure of though: I can sell that piece of pencil lying around the house, unused of course, for $99,999.00 on Amazon. That ought to get some money rolling.

'Till my next installment.

P.S. Where's the electronics in teapots and lemon squeezers, huh Forrest-Electronics? You need to plug it in?

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