How to Withdraw Money From PayPal to Unionbank EON Card

Now you have a PayPal account. Not only that, you also have money in it, probably sent by someone you know, a payment from a buyer, or maybe your earnings from your make money online ventures. The problem is, how do you withdraw money from your PayPal account to your Unionbank EON Card?

Now I have here a step-by-step instructional that will guide you on withdrawing your hard-earned money from your PayPal to your Unionbank EON Card account.

How to Withdraw Money From PayPal to Unionbank EON Card

1) Log-in to your PayPal account;

2) Click on Withdraw;

3) After you click on Withdraw, you'll be presented with two methods on withdrawing from Paypal to your Unionbank EON card: 1) The "Withdraw funds to your bank account" method and the "Withdraw funds to your card" method. Continue reading below to know the difference between the two:

Method 1: Withdraw funds to your card

The "Withdraw funds to your card" method deducts P250.00 (roughly US $6.00) to your outstanding balance before withdrawal. The amount deducted serves as a processing fee for the Paypal to Unionbank EON Card money transfer. This takes 5-7 business days.

Method 2: Withdraw funds to your bank account

The "Withdraw funds to your bank account" method is my more preferred method of withdrawing money from Paypal. When you signed up for EON card, Unionbank also opened a savings account with it. It's not just an internet-functional debit card, it is also its own bank account.

Anyway, this method is better in the sense that if you withdraw P7,000.00 or more, you'll be able to avoid any fees that would otherwise arise from the transaction. Meanwhile, if you'll withdraw any amount below P7,000.00, you'll be charged with only P50.00 (roughly US $1.00). Compare that to the P250.00 charge in the previously mentioned method. Best of all, this method only takes 2-4 business days.

4) Regardless of the method you select, you'll now be brought to another window where PayPal would ask how much exactly do you want to withdraw. Say, you have US $1,500.00 on your PayPal account and you want to withdraw US $500.00 only. You'll put that amount in the box provided for and just click on submit.

*There is a minimum withdrawal amount of P500.00

5) You will arrive at the final form wherein PayPal will ask you to finalize your transaction while making sure that all the information you have provided them beforehand are correct i.e. correct bank account number and name. You should correct any errors you'll see at this point. If you don't, your withdrawal from Paypal to your Unionbank EON card might get rejected and worst of all you'll get charged a P250.00 return fee on your outstanding balance.

*The return fee is charged when Unionbank denies the money transfer sent by PayPal due to errors and/or inconsistencies regarding your bank account information. The proper action is to immediately correct any error and/or inconsistency by contacting to the party involved.

6) After submitting the final entry, you will be brought to a page where PayPal would tell you that your money withdrawal has been a success. You will also receive an email where PayPal would confirm your withdrawal and that your money should arrive in your account at a specified date not exceeding 4 business days.

*If your withdrawal is not in your bank account after 4 business days, you should contact PayPal support and/or your maintaining Unionbank branch for details on why the money withdrawal didn't go through.

That's it! Congratulations on successfully transferring your funds from one financial medium to another. It's that simple. Anyway, I hope you've learned properly how to withdraw money from PayPal to Unionbank EON Card.

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  1. Very very useful information. Thanks!

  2. So if I withdraw $100,this will be automatically converted into philippine peso?or better if I convert my $ first into Php in paypal?..

  3. Great tutorial. I failed one transfer before with my BDO bank account, so I tried EON. I tried both method (withdraw to card and bank account) to see how it goes. I hope things went well for my PayPal transfer.

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