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For people searching for used car values and blue book services online, you better check out Kelley Blue Book (KBB).

If you still don't know, Kelley Blue Book is THE company to go to when looking for vehicle valuations and pricing. New or used cars, it doesn't matter, KBB will provide whatever you're looking for in a car's aspect.

Kelley Blue Book offers services such as:
  • Market values for new and used cars and vehicles of all types including motorcycles, personal watercraft i.e. yats, jetskis etc, RVs, and even snowmobiles
  • Brand new car information about a model's suggested retail price, dealer quotes, the vehicle's Blue Book Value, and the pricing trend for a specific car for a particular week
  • Used car retail values, trade-in values, and private party values
  • A monthly car payment calculator
  • Car loans, car insurance, rebates and incentives

The Kelley Blue Book website itself provides other helpful service tools like the used car history checker, which is so powerful it could trace how many owners a specific car had and a car comparing tool, which of course, would make you compare cars maximum of four at a time.

Kelley Blue Book website

Kelley Blue Book doesn't stop there. It also does extensive car reviews and videos, which of course the common car enthusiast would find helpful. Don't forget KBB's top ten list of cars in specific categories.

Kelley Blue Book has been in the business of car value services for 80 years now. They have become synonymous with new car values, used car values, even blue book services. Yep, the terms "blue book" and "blue book value", as general as it sounds, is a trademark of KBB. In fact, when you see a car dealer using the term "blue book value" on a used car's tag price, you can tell them that they're violating Kelley Blue Book's trademark, not that they would stop using it though.

Summing it all up, when you're searching for new and used car values online or just plain curious, Kelley Blue Book services answers these four fundamental questions:
  • What should I pay for a new car?
  • What should I pay for a used car?
  • What's my current car worth?
  • Which car is right for me?

So next time you visit a car dealership, be sure to inform yourself with Kelley Blue Book service's pricing and quotes. Doing so would help you tear down that stonewalling cocky car dealer selling you a car 20% more than it's supposed to sell. Now they can't play their sly tactics on you. And if they won't budge, time to go to another dealership. Just tell them "I believe more in Kelley Blue Book's 80 years in the new and used car value industry rather than you." That sure would shake 'em.

'Till my next installment.

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