Maple Story Adventures Cheats Facebook

Update 09/06/11: New cheats below!

Maple Story Adventures on Facebook launched live a couple of days ago. Basically what Maple Story Adventures is is Maple Story less all the jumping and keyboard functions less the actual Maple Story experience you'll actually experience in the original Maple Story itself.

Regardless of that, you'll still be able to create your own avatar, take it to various landscapes and whack the bajeesus out of overly cute monsters—which includes Plants VS Zombie-ish spawns and Poring look-a-likes—in exchange for experience points and treasures. You can also hook up with your Facebook friends playing Maple Story Adventures and do party quests. Go on about your adventure in forgotten realms and lost kingdoms such as Kerning, Perion, Ellinia, and Henesys (definitely not the cognac!)!

Maple Story Adventures Facebook

Hardcore Maple Story players may find the game familiar yet different, different in the sense that it's not the game they were used to playing. But why not try? Developers of Maple Story Adventures calls this iteration of Maple Story "optimized for shorter gaming periods." If waiting for your energy to run out only to be restored when a timer ticks to zero is what you call an optimization for shorter gaming periods, then this is definitely one game you want to be playing quick.

Maple Story Adventures Cheats

Anyway, if you have arrived at this page looking for Maple Story Adventures cheats on Facebook e.g. Instant Level 99 cheats or something, there's nothing of that nature yet. But surely enough we have cheats right here. Head on below for Maple Story Adventures cheats:

Maple Story Adventures God Mode and Increased Performance Cheat

This file (Click to download)
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
Cheat Engine 6.1

1. Open process in Cheat Engine;
2. Click "Memory View" button (Under the address table);
3. Click Tools -> Auto Assemble;
4. Paste the entire code from the file that you downloaded (link above);
5. Click Execute.
*Credits to PWNTHIS for this cheat

If you do it correctly, the Cheat Engine will automatically inject all of the AoBs (Auto pickup collection items, increased AOE range, walk speed, perfect accuracy, max damage, God mode) to your Maple Story Adventures game. Also make sure that you will not move while the game is loading, or else you'll have to start over.

Maple Story Adventures Energy Cheat

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
Cheat Engine 6.1

1. Open Cheat Engine and log-in your Maple Story Adventures account at Facebook;
2. Go back to Cheat Engine and open the process;
3. Scan your energy;
4. Go back to your Maple Story Adventures screen. Look for an enemy, attack it;
5. Scan your energy again at the Cheat Engine window and double click the address. Now you have infinite energy.

Maple Story Adventures Cheat Engine Hacks

Cheat Engine v6.1
Mozilla Firefox (preferred)
Maple Story Adventures account
This Code Inject file (click to download)
  • God Mode (block every attack)
  • Energy Request (lets you request energy from friends when your bag still has food, usually you cant ask for lemons unless you don't have any food)
  • Max Damage (do the highest damage in your damage range constantly)
  • Speed Hack (walk super fast, does not apply to attacks/jumping/climbing)
  • Never Miss (attacks never miss mobs)
  • Auto Pickup (loots COLLECTION items automatically, mesos and magic crystals also loot but don't appear to)
  • AoE Range Increase (makes your Area of Effect Skills have longer range eg magic claw, thunderbolt)
  • Monster VAC (makes all monsters spawn in the same position.)
  • Monster Never Walk (after monsters spawn, they don't walk around until you attack them)
  • Fast Respawn Hack (when you kill all the mobs in a map, they usually slowly respawn, this makes them all spawn back)
Video Instructions:

Note: You need to be in any town first before activating the cheat. If it does not work, go to a town, refresh your browser, wait for MSA to load (do not do anything yet), then activate CE.

*Full credits to KONGREGATEHACK for this cheat

As usual, I'm going to follow up on this once more Maple Story Adventures cheats come out. Alternatively, if you know of any Maple Story Adventures cheats on Facebook, why not share? Submit us your Maple Story Adventures cheats, we'll publish it here, and even put your name on it. Cool huh?

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Meanwhile, you can play Maple Story Adventures here.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. I've found that using something called "CheatEngine 6.1" you can set your power level to 899 to smash pretty much anything you want to kill in 1 - 3 hits. Downside? The game will crash (Black Mage and what not) if you score a crit-hit, or if one of your hired friends kills something... Go figure...

  2. Not unless you don't set it that high....jeez.... set the value to around 200 or 300 more than your normal power.

  3. it doesn't work :(

  4. is the infinite energy cheat really working?

  5. using cheat engine is only client sided. once you refresh everything will be the same as before.

  6. Looks like the update broke the cheat. Only god mode works now. Eagerly awaiting an update!

  7. looking forward for the update

  8. Hi! thats my video :) i updated it for, just check the description of the vid

  9. thanks for the great work but do we use the same code as

  10. Thats Nice ! Work Great ! Thanks Alot ^__^

  11. just god mode hack work, how about another hack
    please share again a new code ^^ thx

  12. ermm...the version already update to 1.11~
    can update the hack please ~ TQ^^

  13. hey guys i need to specified disable section?

  14. They keep saying "d0 30 2f 14 48" could not be found. why?

  15. no work!.. Grr amF

  16. Looks like the update broke the cheat. Only god mode works now. Eagerly awaiting an update!


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