Playstation Network Updates ToS and User Agreement

I for one am not fond of reading through all the legal jargon tech companies shove through their customers throats everytime the latter acquires something from the former, legitimately or not.

And while I'm very fond of the Sony Corporation and a majority of their products (yes, I'm a Sony fanboy), I was suprised to see an email from them saying that they have provided me a list of changes regarding their Terms of Service (ToS) and User Agreement. While we're not saying that companies don't do this all the time, I was honestly not expeciting something like this from Sony—scratch that, especially from Sony.

If you are a Playstation® Network and a Qriocity™-registered user, chances are you have been sent the same message I have received. Curiously, the links that will point you to the updated ToS and UA are down. No matter how many times I refresh the pages, they're down. Do I smell Anonymous? Let's not make a big deal out of, say, a simple server outage.

Well hey, at least Sony has the class to mail all their users a heads-up on their ToS and UA changes. Most companies would just change their policies suddenly without giving a flying profanity to all their users. For this, Sony +1.

'Till my next installment.

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