What Can You to Help End Our Poverty?

Some of you are asking, what you can do to help end our poverty? I teach that jobs creation will end our poverty because we are mostly a society of educated but unemployed; we have to create jobs that are suited for the labor force of the Philippines. A tourism industry and retail malls fit the majority of our labor force.

When I first arrived on December 2, 2004 to return to my birth country, I was bombarded by; we already have plenty of restaurants and malls in Metro Manila. We do not need more. They must have read it on the Internet because I had not said anything about fast foods like Jollibee or malls. Some of you are saying that you are not rich enough to build a mall or even start a restaurant, but you want to help. What can you do?

During Catholic Mass this evening the sermon was about; even though we are ending the poverty in the Philippines, there are still so many that are going hungry. Mostly because of the weather calamities common in our 7107 islands especially during typhoon season until usually the last week of December. Many displaced families and those having to live off the land with the bad weather cannot feed their families and children.

In the United States, they have soup kitchens for the homeless and for the destitute wanderers. Here in the Philippines, you can set up soup kitchens or outdoors during sunny weather. In the United States, they have industrialized size cans of Chicken Noodle Soup to accommodate the mass feeding of the poor, but here in the Philippines you can easily make fresh Chicken Arroz Caldo or on the breakfast menu of Chowking; it is called Congee. Use a Styrofoam cup to serve the hot soup with a plastic spoon to eat the rice porridge soup and add individually packaged saltine crackers to give away. Have a good time feeding the poor.

This article was provided by Daniel Occeno. Follow him and his adventures in Gubat, Sorsogon at www.gubatnet.blog.com.

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