How to Use Google Wallet

Google Wallet has officially launched a couple of hours ago. Thing is, it's currently only going to be usable on—and this I emphasize—Nexus S 4G phones from Sprint. So if you're not a Nexus S 4G owner, you'll have to wait for a while.

Well, what's Google Wallet? Well, it's basically using your smartphone as your debit card, your credit card, your loyalty card, your promo sheet, and whatever smooth thing Google thinks of.

This is anything but a new idea. If you'll recall, Japan (and South Korea) has been doing virtual mobile payment for ages now. It's good to see that another world brand is implementing the technology.

Now, Google has partnered with finance giants such as Citi to help them with implementing the Google Wallet technology. For more info about that, watch the video below:

How to Use Google Wallet (Sprint Nexus S 4G)

1. Get the Google Wallet app;
2. Open Google Wallet;
3A. If you already have an existing Citi Mastercard, enter your account information. Citi will verify it in a short while;
3B. If you don't have an existing Citi Mastercard, you can activate the Google Prepaid Card. the Google Prepaid Card is a virtual card which you can top up using other credit cards aside from the Citi Mastercard. Once activated, you'll get a free $10.00 as a thank you from Google;
4. If you're about to pay, just hold your phone in front of the Mastercard PayPass terminal. Once a confirmation arrives, you're good to go. It's as easy as that.

How to Spot Merchants that Support Google Wallet

1. Look for the PayPass logo;
2. Hold your Google Wallet-enabled smartphone in front of the PayPass terminal;

What to do if Your Phone is Lost or Stolen

Even though the Google Wallet PIN and Secure Element protect your payment card information, you should still call your issuing banks to cancel your cards.

So now you know how to use Google Wallet. Why don't you give it a try? If other people are asking how they could enroll or apply at Google Wallet, point them to this article by liking or sharing this post.

'Till my next installment.

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