iPhone 5 "Concept" Features

Everybody is eagerly awaiting for the release of the iPhone 5, that much I can assure you. Why? Well, I can't answer that. It seems that people have a special something for all things "i" i.e. iPhone, iPod, iPad. And that special something causes people to search for the newest "iPhone 5 leaks" all over the internet, even trusting rumours, just to satisfy their curiosity.

One of the better videos that people view each and every day with regards to Apple's iPhone 5 "leaked features" is the concept video produced by Aatma Studio, which puts the iPhone 5 in a very futuristic and favorable light. Of course, none of it is real—yet, unless the actual iPhone 5 sports some or all of the ideas shown in the video. Anyway, watch the iPhone 5 concept video below:

iPhone 5 "Concept" Features

As you would already know, holographic projections and optically-projected virtual keyboards are already existing technologies, but are still unheard of in mobile phone technology. Integrating these two technologies together would surely be a huge feat and would produce record-breaking sales all over the world. Realistically, who doesn't want a virtual keyboard right on a mobile phone?

Once the iPhone 5 officially outs, come back here for its specs, pricing, and features.

'Till my next installment.

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