Stick Run in Facebook is an endless running game developed by indie developer Manuel Otto. Stick Run challenges players to run as far as possible in randomly-generated levels while jumping and avoiding obstacles such as stacks of wood boxes and rotating chainsaws.

Seeing that your Stick Run game can easily end with a single hit of an obstacle, I compiled here Stick Run cheats and hacks for Facebook to make your running easier. Just don't use this in multiplayer or else your opponent might complain. Just go ahead below and enjoy the Stick Run cheats and hacks for Facebook.

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Stick Run Cheats and Hacks for Facebook

Stick Run Lots of Coin Cheat

Charles Proxy
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Stick Run account

1. Log-in to your Stick Run account;
2. Open Charles Proxy;
3. Go back to game and play single mode;
4. Now play the game and after you fail, go back to the Stick Run menu;
5. After that, go back to the Charles Proxy program and click "" and expand it;
6. Then right click the "169" and then "Repeat in Advance";
7. Enter at the Interations: 100000 and Concurrency: 1000. Click OK;
8. Leave the game for 5 minutes. After that, hit refresh;
9. Enjoy the result.

Stick Run Score and Experience Cheat

Cheat Engine 6.1
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Stick Run account

1. Log-in your Stick Run account;
2. Open the Cheat Engine 6.1;
3. Select your browser as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox;
4. Change the value type to double;
5. Select single player at Stick Run;
6. Go back to the Cheat Engine and scan your score;
7. Go back to the Stick Run screen, play for a while and increase your score;
8. Return to the Cheat Engine program and scan your score again;
9. The score you scanend will appear in Address 1;
10. Write the captured address down and change the value to 15,000, it being the limit of the value if you don't want to get detected and banned;
11. Freeze the address;
12. Go back to the Stick Run screen. Play again and watch your experience grow.

As usual this post would be updated when more Stick Run cheats and hacks come out. Aside from cheating though, you can always buy items using coins and Facebook credits to improve your performance in Stick Run.

Thanks and credits to Emocheater and Mrbroken91 for discovering the Stick Run cheats and hacks for Facebook.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. waloa its working..

  2. how to make stick-run account?

  3. they all work thank you!

  4. Wow, every one of them work great. :)

  5. cheat engine thing doesnt work :(

  6. What happens if you enter too many zeroes?

  7. heyy umm did u wait 5 minutes then when refresh how many coins are there

  8. Got Ban on Exp Hack dont use it :(

  9. on the coin hack try to input 999999999 instead of 10000000 and same as in the lower numbers you get more coins

  10. Jaja Yeah!!!
    Si Sirve
    Gracias por el aporte


  12. wtf is a stick run acount


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