Tetris Battle Cheats, Hacks and Bots for Facebook (March 04 2012)

Update 03/04/2012: Added new Tetris Battle cheat for March 2012

Tetris Battle in Facebook is basically an adventure-style tetris in which the more opponents you beat the higher your level becomes and the more notoriety you gain on the Tetris Battle universe.

I've tried playing Tetris Battle. I found it easy rising to higher levels but quite difficult going past better-experienced opponents, especially against Chinese players. Some players out there might be experiencing the same thing as me so I thought of posting about Tetris Battle cheats, hacks and bots for Facebook. Just scroll down below and read the cheats.

Tetris Battle Cheats Hacks and Bots for Facebook

Tetris Battle Cheats, Hacks and Bots for Facebook

Tetris Battle Auto Rank Cheat NEW!

Tetris Battle player and coder DEATH88 recently released his Tetris Battle Auto Rank cheat a few days ago. What this Tetris Battle cheat does is change your rank and stars into whatever number you desire. What's good is, all of these are currently savable. Just proceed below and learn the cheat.

Status: Working as of March 04 2012

Charles Proxy
Google Chrome
Latest version of Java
Tetris Battle account

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1. Log-in your Tetris Battle account and open Charles Proxy;
2. Enter 2P mode in Tetris Battle then immediately exit 2P mode;
3. Switch to your Charles Proxy window and you will see addresses such as 108.***.**.** or 50.70.***.**. Expand those numbers and select Set Breakpoints on the first Default;
4. Enter 2P mode. The Breakpoint tab should appear in your window right after you enter the said mode. Click on Execute;
5. Select the Edit Response tab and the Text tab at the lower portion of Charles and change the current rank value and the current half star value to your desired number. It wil appear as (input desired value not exceeding 99) and (input desired value not exceeding 10). This will equate to your Tetris Battle rank and stars. After you have set the values, click Execute;
6. Remove the Breakpoints you set earlier in the Default. If another Breakpoint tab will appear just select Execute;
7. Switch back to your Tetris Battle window and play a game. Win or lose, you will now save your rank.

Video guide for Tetris Battle Autorank Cheat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPM6q2_Xvzw

*Thanks and credits to DEATH88 for this latest Tetris Battle cheat for rank.

Tetris Battle Unlimited Energy, Armor and Fully Tuned

This new Tetris Battle cheat is working as of Jan. 02, 2012, and I can vouch for it, unless it gets patched. Features unlimited energy and unlimited armor, plus Fully Tuned. Only permanent thing here is the energy. Everything else is temporary once you end your game.

Status: Working as of Jan. 02, 2012

Google Chrome
Complete and Init hack files (Download here)
Tetris Battle account

1. Download and extract the file above. Install Fiddler2 then restart your browser;
2. Run Fiddler2 then go to Autoresponder tab;
3. Check "Enable automatic responses" and "unmatched requests passthrough";
4. Drag the Complete and Init hack files to the given space on the Autoresponder tab. Clear Google Chrome's cache right after dragging the Tetris Battle hack files;

fiddler autoresponder tab cheat download

5. Start Google Chrome, log-in your Tetris Battle account and play. Fully Tuned and Infinite Armor are automatically enabled;
6. Go to the energy bag and click "Collect Bonus" to activate Infinite Energy.

Proof that this Tetris Battle cheat is working:

tetris battle cheats

tetris battle hacks

tetris battle bot downloads

*Thanks and credits to .Yuzuru for compiling and Frozen Eye for the working Tetris Battle cheat.

Tetris Battle New God Hack

This Tetris Battle cheat is the newest out there. It has been outed just 11/24. That's how totally new this is. It boasts 1000 lines sent, 500 EXP, 1 KO Finish, 99 Coins gained per game, Unlimited Mino Collection for unlimited energy, and a Tuning Hack. Just follow the steps below:

Google Chrome
Fiddler 2
This file
Tetris Battle Account

1. Download the file listed above and extract;
2. After extraction, look and execute the Fiddler2Setup then install it;
3. After installation, restart Google Chrome and then open Fiddler.exe;
4. Go then to the Auto REsponder tab, check on "Enable Automatic Responses and Unmatched Request Passthrough";
9. Go back to the Fiddler folde and grab all the files including the init (except the Notepad file)to Fiddler;
10. Go back to your Google Chrome window and clear the cache. After that log-in to Facebook and open your Tetris Battle account. Enjoy.

Tetris Battle 1 Game KO Cheat Hack

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
Tetris Battle account
This file

1. Open fiddler and go to Autoresponder tab;
2. Drag the file that you have just downloaded;
3. Click "Save" to your fiddler and clear the cache of your browser;
4. Go to your Tetris Battle account and play BATTLE 2P.

Note: This cheat only works for two-player battles. You can also play with your friends or invite them.
*Credits to Emocheater for this Tetris Battle cheat

Tetris Battle 1,000 Cash and Coin Cheat

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
Tetris Battle account
This file

1. Install Fiddler2 then restart your browser;
2. Run Fiddler2, select the Autoresponder Tab;
3. Check "Enable automatic responses" and "Permit passthrough for unmatched request";
4. Go to the files you've downloaded, locate and read the readme.txt file;
5. Drag the "global.xml" file into Autoresponder tab then clear your browser cache;
6. Start playing Tetris Battle. After a game, you will gain 1,000 coins. You can now buy anything you want at the Tetris Battle online shop.

Note: This cheat will give you 1,000 cash and coins on every game regardless if you win or lose.
*Credits to majidemo of Ragecast TV for this Tetris Battle cheat

That's currently all the Tetris Battle cheats, hacks and bots for Facebook that I have right now. I'll search for some more and hopefully find some good ones. So keep tuned at this page.

Meanwhile, share and like this post on Facebook or tweet it at Twitter.

'Till my next installment.

[Photo by appsforfacebook.com]

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patched, no longer working :(
and missing url for Tetris Battle 1,000 Cash and Coin Cheat file.

Tetris Battle 1 Game KO Cheat Hack*
not Cash and Coin Cheat file

U said it's free, but a survey needs to be done. Please provide another direct link? please and thanks


U MEAN FREE VIRUS xD ! ! ! ! !

the level 50 cheat has a survey complete ?

i hate cheater cheater is very weak as in weak noozz kayong lahat mga cheater except me hhahahaha

file deleted in Tetris Battle 1 Game KO Cheat Hack

file deleted on Tetris Battle 1 Game KO Cheat Hack

Where can i found the new improved god hack that has just updated 11/27/2011 ?

oooh Only global.xml and full tuning working and so i get 500xp
no 99 gold, 1000 sent line , what's the solution ?

yeah its fake for people who cant get it to work.. learn properly leechers..

hey i tried the cheats.. it worked but on the 99 coin thing it didnt.. and once i log out my acc is back to normal

how to get some cash and coin fron facebook tetris

how to get some cash and coin fron facebook tetris

This comment has been removed by the author.

Can I ask a question ?
I used file called "init" to collect bonus for one day full energy but the next day , I can't collect bonus again!!!!!!!! Who can help me to solve this problem ??please (but the full turning is working OK) THANK YOU for your file

Hmmm... Tetris Battle has encoded xml files.
How to decode .xml.enc now ?

now only left full tuning work, any more updates?

@Steve, thanks, it's working well :)!

@steve ,, after downloading that link .. what will i do next?

@Steve - Fiddler2.exe - a variant of MSIL/Autorun.Spy.KeyLogger.AE worm


@Anonymous YES, IT IS TRUE! That application is A VIRUS

9. Go back to the Fiddler folde and grab all the files including the init (except the Notepad file)to Fiddler;

Which files shall I grab, and what do I do with 'em?

tnx Please Release a Cheat In 100yearswar philliphines MMPorg

Why I cant get the Unlimited Energy is it patched?

the 1000 coin and 1000 xp ISNT WORKIN! :( PLEASE HELP

Energies are isn't working. I guess they changed their servers

can u at least pls develop a infinity coin hack?

please release a new hack...doesn't work anymore :(

I hope you'll release a cheat on MONSTER FUSION PLEASE!

pano po ba mgamit ung cheat. ngawa ko na ung sa fiddler ayaw pa din??

It would be very nice if you make a new hack of the cash and coin.
The quicker the better.
P.S.If the hack is permanent it will be great.

thank you very much

i did it properly and i already clear the cache but it doesnt work....in this day i use it ..can anyone inform me if this cheat is longer active in this day??

I tried it yesterday and it worked but then today i simply cant use the Tetris Battle Unlimited Energy, Armor and Fully Tuned cheat. I still have the unlimited energy from yesterday that is available 24 hours. Please advise.

Tetris just updated on Jan 11. So no cheat for us :D

i cant activate the Tetris Battle New God Hack fuck it up ! damnit !

Hope they update this o.o Tetris updated on Jan 11 that's why it doesnt work anymore

It works everyone. :) Accept the fact that everyone tried to cheat,

the cheat is still working im using ryt now ...

I want the money and cash cheat D: please help :D

the latest cheat is working for just only 24 hours..i want permanent cheat XD

Coin and Cash Hack not working.. plss help me

no funciona lo de la energia abra que actualizarlo o algo asi necesito ayuda

right new patch we need new patch not a patch that does not working only bot and tunning is working we need energy and money goldcoin and 1 ko hit hack

plzzz..... limit ur cheating
Ur account on facebook may be banned
Im not sayin to stop cheatin just limit =">

the armour and tune up hack is all working but then its the unlimited energy hack thats not working.. when i click collect bonus nothing happens :/

..ang paggamit nyo ng cheat ay nangangahulugang pandadaya...

cheat for cash pls.. energy and armor working fine


owner hw to use? i open it but it dun work also

sir can you make a video please to make it easily :D

what my norton didn't take it as a virus

its not working. .. i finding the Complete in unlimited Energy. i cant Found it. Update that.

it's definitely true! wow!! i'm tetris god now! haha!

the 1000 line set it til working ot not?

stop saying that :(It doesn't work) these cheat work for real

it really works for me,send me an email

(gumagana tlga to promise)... message nyoko sa email add ko..turuan ko kyo at send ko mga files... tanhueco15@yahoo.com

Disable Secure Browsing in facebook, It works perfectly.

wew!! :) how can i download this kind of HACK & cheats?

Tried today 1/31 and not working not sure, trying to use coin and cash one

is the unli.. energy cheat activity untill nw?????

kua paano paganahin to? add mu q sa fb. japalmares_02@yahoo.com

its not working anymore dude --,

update please

Infinite energy not working <_<
Upgrades still working though

gumana sa akin ..kaso ENERGY lang ung GUmana ..:/

well the god mode isnt working but the tuning & energy hacks was working ! thanks dude :D

infinite energy not working anymore!! UPDATE UPDATE!!

after testing the hack to some accounts I found out that there are certain accts were the infinite energy doesn't work.

from 3 accounts I used 2 of them worked with the infinite energy <_<. (those were the ones I recently made)

my pc perform slow. when i put the files in fiddler....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

this does not work anymore because tetris battle already patch this

ur just jealous because the cheats don't work on ur account...

still working guys you just need to follow the instruction if you want it work email me i'll teach you

This is my favorite cheat site in tetris battle.

are you all weird??? they're just joking you...

collecting of bonuses is already not working...

but unlimited armor still works
and tune ups only




For unlimited energy, go to the Energy bag and Collect Bonus. Then you'll have unlimited energy for 1 day. I don't know if it's still working.

it works for me,, but then when i open the energy bag, and click the bags, it doesn't work..

the energy bag is not working, I can't use it


can u tell us how to change the win and lose records

i want to change back my level to 1 so i can get more cash !!can u do that?? or edit my records because its not believable that your god of tetris if your records is bad!!!

Tetris Battle Unlimited Energy, Armor and Fully Tuned..?
it's not working! y? it's because of the due date..?

itigil nyo na yan. be fair and enjoy playing





eh mga bobo naman pala kau..kung ayaw nyo ng cheaters bakit kayo nasa page ng mga gusto mag cheat//mga gago!!

mnga bobo din kau kunyari p kau mnga cheaters din nmn kau mnga putang ina nyo ..l..

Its unfair..........plss...dont cheat people........!

adik kayo hindi naman nyan gagana eh kahit ilang beses nyo pa yan itry hindi yan magiging permanent

its working to me!!!tnx,.,

can u give me another cheat for lol ph..,hehehe

oo nga... bk8 kau napunta d2 kung nde naman pla kau mag chi-cheat... galit lng kau kc pumalpak kau.

working paba ung march 4??tnx in advance

mga Filipino nga naman mga talangka .. puro pinoy am pota

I need help!
On "Tetris Battle Auto Rank Cheat" when i set breakpoints on the first Deafault and enter 2p mode again it just says "Unable to get game stats. Game will not be saved"

Can someone help me?

where can I download the "tetris battle auto rank cheat?"

how to the that rank up and released pls teach me i really need it

There are not 'Tetris Battle 1 Game KO Cheat Hack' files here. would you upload again ??

I`ve just get rank 100 beacause of that cheat !!

First of All Do This to Make The Hack Works
Go to Account Settings (facebook accnt) > Security > Secure Browsing > Disable it and Save

Then Do The FF Instructions.

Open Fiddler 2
Check The 2 Boxes In Auto Responder Tab
Extract Downloaded Files
Drag The Files Into The White Space In The Right Side of The Fiddler 2
Clear Your Browser Cache ( Ctrl + Shift + Delete )
Open Tetris Battle
Enjoy Hacking !!!!!!

of my fucking god ,did u even think you make another new working god mode hack/bot hack?

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