Want to Win P25,000?

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. is holding a blogging event for their 2011 RAFI Triennial Awards. All you have to do is write something about a RAFI Triennial finalist on your at least 6 month-old blog and be in the Visayas or the Mindanao area to be eligible to win up to P25,000. Read on below for more information:

The RAFI Triennial Blogging Contest

Contest Theme: RAFI Triennial Awards Laureates: Shaping the big picture of change


1. Registration to join the RAFI Triennial Awards Blogging Contest is required. Visit www.rafi.org.ph, and click on the contest link. Read and understand the contest policies. Download and fill up the contest entry form and produce an electronic copy of any accepted ID (Valid School/Alumni ID, Valid Company ID or Valid Passport Identification Page, and other valid IDs, and saved as JPEG or TIFF format file). IDs will be verified to confirm the actual identity of entrant. If discrepancies involving any of the requirements arise, RAFI holds the right to automatically disqualifies an entry. Both completed contest entry form and scanned ID image should be emailed to RAFI.

2. Entrants must have an existing and updated blog for at least six months.

3. The contest aims to highlight both the RAFI Triennial Awards awardees and finalists. Writers are expected to do background research on the lives and works of RAFI Triennial awardees and finalists nearest their area. Entrants are also expected to give a brief background on the RAFI Triennial Awards, as well as integrate their research with the contest theme: RAFI Triennial Awards: Shaping the big picture of change.

4. All entries must be original and should be written in English, with a minimum of 1,000 words, maximum of 4,000 words. Entries should not have been entered or won in previous competitions. Each entry must have a title in line with the theme. Posting of related images or videos is allowed, but the contest gives emphasis on written content, not the photographs or illustrations. Entrants should also indicate: "This is an official entry to the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) Triennial Awards Blogging Contest." at the end of a blog post, as well as include a link to the RAFI website (www.rafi.org.ph).

5. Entrants are expected to post their respective entries on their respective blogs, and after which they should email their application form, URL of the blog post, and electronic copy of at least one valid ID to RAFI after posting. Not emailing the application form, URL of the blog post and ID disqualifies an entry.

6. Completed application form, URL of the blog post, and electronic copy of a valid ID should be sent to ellen.red@rafi.org.ph, with the subject header: Entry to the RAFI Triennial Awards Blogging Contest.

Blogging Contest starts on September 30, 2011. Deadline for the submission of entries is on December 15, 2011.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The contest is open to individuals between the ages 13 to 35 years old, based in the Visayas and Mindanao Regions.

2. Any blog site or personal social media accounts which offer blog hosting services (e.g. WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Multiply, etc.) are allowed, provided that the blog post can be viewed publicly. It should be accessible online until winners are declared.

3. English is the only allowed language for the blog entry.

4. Maximum of three blog posts per person will be accepted. Each blog post must have different RAFI Triennial Awards laureates featured. The writer may promote his or her essay in the blogosphere.

5. Decision of winners by RAFI Triennial Awards Blogging Contest Panel of Judges is final and irrevocable.

6. RAFI employees and relatives up to the third degree of consanguinity cannot join.

Criteria for Judging:

Content:50 percent
Originality and alignment to theme – 20 percent
Research value/data gathered and insights – 30 percent
Writing style/composition (including technicalities): 50 percent


First prize = Php 25,000 + plaque for the individual
Second prize = Php 20,000 + plaque for the individual
Third prize = Php 15,000 + plaque for the individual

All entries of winners and finalists will be consolidated and published into a book. All entries become and remain the property of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. Attempt to re-publish the works will need the permission of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.

Sadly I'm ineligible to participate because I'm situated in the Luzon area. So if you're a Cebuano or Davaoeño, this contest is for you.

RAFI is a 44-year-old non-profit organization committed to “elevating lives through a comprehensive approach that champions best practices in community development.

For more information, visit RAFI.org.ph

'Till my next installment.

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  1. I received a press release like this in my e-mail, Sir TJ

  2. is this a paid press release?

    Btw, i will also announce this one in my money-blog - http://www.scolexportal.com/

  3. I really want to join this contest. Kaso 1 month old palang blog ko. I have been a huge fan of your blog. The design is so modern and sophisticated.

  4. Sayang bago palang kasi ung akin

  5. Would havde loved to join but I'm just a few months shy to be eligible for this one. Thanks for this info. ^__^

    Dream Weaver at http://memoirsofacallcenterboy.blogspot.com/

  6. Too bad, I'm located in Luzon. Its a nice contest pa naman.


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