Fate/Extra [USA] CWCheats

Fate/Extra is a Japanese dungeon role-playing game for the PlayStation Portable, created by Type-Moon and Image Epoch and published by Marvelous Entertainment. The game takes place in a parallel universe to the visual novel Fate/stay night. Aksys Games localized the game for North America, and released it on November 1, 2011.

At the start of Fate/Extra, the player may choose to play as either a male or female character, as well as selecting one of three Servants — Saber, Archer, or Caster, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

So without further ado, here's the Fate/Extra [USA] CWCheats:

fate extra cwcheat

_S ULUS-10576
_G Fate/Extra [USA]
_C0 Money 999999
_L 0x2024224C 0x000F423F
_C0 Servant Hp&Mp Inf&Max
_L 0x20242C60 0x0000270F
_L 0x20242C68 0x0000270F
_L 0x20242C64 0x0000270F
_L 0x20242C6C 0x0000270F
_C0 Master Mp Inf&Max
_L 0x20242AC4 0x0000270F
_L 0x20242AC8 0x0000270F
C0 SP 999
_L 0x10242AB0 0x000003E7
_C0 Unlock Some Consumable
_L 0x202422A4 0x00000063
_L 0x202422AC 0x00000063
_L 0x202422B4 0x00000063
_L 0x202422CC 0x00000063
_L 0x202422D4 0x00000063
_L 0x202422DC 0x00000063
_L 0x202422E4 0x00000063
_L 0x202422EC 0x00000063
_L 0x202422F4 0x00000063
_L 0x202422FC 0x00000063
_L 0x20242304 0x00000063
_L 0x20242314 0x00000063
_L 0x20242324 0x00000063
_L 0x2024232C 0x00000063
_L 0x2024233C 0x00000063
_L 0x20242344 0x00000063
_C0 Formal Wear x5
_L 0x102426AC 0x00000005
_L 0x102426B4 0x00000005
_L 0x102426BC 0x00000005
_L 0x102426C4 0x00000005
_L 0x102426CC 0x00000005
_L 0x102426D4 0x00000005
_L 0x102426DC 0x00000005
_L 0x102426E4 0x00000005
_L 0x102426EC 0x00000005
_L 0x102426F4 0x00000005
_L 0x102426FC 0x00000005
_L 0x10242704 0x00000005
_L 0x1024270C 0x00000005
_L 0x10242714 0x00000005
_L 0x1024271C 0x00000005
_L 0x10242724 0x00000005
_L 0x10242734 0x00000005
_L 0x1024273C 0x00000005
_L 0x10242744 0x00000005
_L 0x1024274C 0x00000005
_L 0x10242754 0x00000005
_L 0x1024275C 0x00000005
_L 0x10242764 0x00000005
_L 0x1024276C 0x00000005
_L 0x10242774 0x00000005
_L 0x1024277C 0x00000005
_L 0x10242784 0x00000005
_L 0x1024278C 0x00000005
_L 0x10242794 0x00000005
_L 0x1024279C 0x00000005
_C0 Show Enemy Actions
_L 0x60172C98 0x00000000
_L 0x00020001 0x000001C8
_L 0x60172C98 0x00000000
_L 0x00020001 0x000001CC
_C0 No SP
_L 0x10242AB0 0x00000000

Thanks and credits go to Redd87 (for the majority of the codes), leo, and uria999 for writing the Fate/Extra [USA] CWCheats.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Can I have the dl link for this game?

    I've tried some but their not working...
    I'd heard that this game is very fun and I want to try it.

    Hope to hear your reply soon.
    Best regards.

  2. u can probably find one at ffinsider.net/psp-iso

  3. you can go to pspmygames.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3956&sid=84e2790cc54ac1b78edd43cca7d7fd9a

  4. Don't be cheap ass mofos and support the developers and buy their games! Faggots.

    1. Chill bruh, some people just want a stress-free experience... ��

  5. i no see link for download where are it?

  6. Buy the game assholes. Get a iso after you dump the UMD for custom firmware and always ALWAYS buy new! If you want to support the developers and actually get sequals and localizations. -_-

  7. i own my own copy of the game i do support the devs just cant use my psp cracked screen so ya try that support devs crack somewhere else

  8. What does No Sp cheat code at the bottom means?

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