Best New Parlor Games for Christmas Parties, Birthdays and Other Events

Birthdays and Christmas parties are happening here and there especially because it's already the holiday season. Of course with these events comes parlor games—games that people in the office enjoy playing in exchange for prizes up for grabs.

Now, most parlor games done here in the Philippines include the undying Trip to Jerusalem, the immortal Paper Dance, and the choice favorite Pinoy Henyo. Majority of people attending year end events are tired of these parlor games probably because they've been doing it since time immemorial. Not to worry though. Here's a post dedicated to the best new parlor games for Christmas parties, birthdays, and other events.

Best New Parlor Games for Christmas Parties, Birthdays and Other Events

The Ping Tac Toe

A Bit Dicey
Balance six dice on a popsicle stick held in your mouth.

Baby Blockin'
Stack 5 wooden baby blocks on top of plastic plate balanced on top of the head.

Baby Rattle
Transport all the gumballs from one soda bottle to another in under 60 seconds.

Back Flip
In increments of 2, place pencils on the back of hand and then flip them off and catch all of them ending with 12

Ball Cap
Drop golf balls onto tops of glass soda bottles and displace upside-down bottle cap on top of each.

Beach Tennis
Two running players rally a ball back and forth using scuba flippers.

Bite Me
Pick up paper bags of varying heights using only the mouth.

Blind Ball
While blindfolded, collect 2 balls balanced on cardboard tubes.

Blow Ball
Blow off all red ping-pong balls from a tray, leaving only 3 yellow balls remaining.

Bobble Head
With a pedometor attached to the forehead, move the head around to record 125 total "steps" in a minute.

Bottoms Up
Knock over empty cans using a yo-yo tied to the back of the waist.

Get 20 ping-pong balls into 20 pint glasses in consecutive order with one bounce per ball.

Breakfast Scramble
Assemble the front of a cereal box that has been cut into 16 even pieces.

Broomski Ball
Roll tennis balls over a taped down broomstick and jump them into three buckets at different heights.

Brush With Danger
Contestants must slide a toothbrush down a strip of dental floss and land it into a toothbrush holder.

Bucket Head
Catch 3 balls in a bucket on top of the head.

Bulb Balance
Use a packet of salt to balance 2 eggs vertically, each on its own light bulb.

By a Thread
Use 1 hand to run a piece of thread through the eye of 10 needles.

CD Dominos
Stand 20 empty CD cases on a table in a horseshoe formation. Set them off using a domino effect around a designated spot and

Caddy Stack
Stack 3 golf balls 1 atop the other.

Stack 5 levels of cans, starting with 1 on the bottom and 5 on the top, with a paper plate in between each level.

Candy Elevator
Use an "elevator" made from 2 pencils and string, to lift 3 candies into the mouth.

Start with a stack of 3 empty cans in 1 hand, 3 full cans in the other. Without setting them down, transfer stacks into

Card Ninja
Throw 1 playing card into a watermelon.

Chocolate Unicorn
Stack 7 chocolate snack cakes on their forehead while standing and leaning back.

Chop Stack
Stack 4 lip balm tubes using a pair of chopsticks.

Christmas Ball
Move a tree ornament across the floor and into a target area by fanning it with a gift box.

Christmas Ball Conveyor
Teammates, spinning in place, transfer ornaments using a ribbon looped around their waists.

Christmas Cliffhanger
Blow standing Christmas cards across a table and get one to hang over the edge.

Christmas Jingle
Arrange 11 glasses of water in 60 seconds so they play Jingle Bells when stroked.

Christmas in the Balance
Teammates hang 10 Christmas tree ornaments on a yardstick that sits atop an upright wrapping paper tube

It's just like pinball, only using office supplies!

Coffee Topper
Drop CDs over 3 plastic cups and attempt to land them on the mouths of the cups from at least 30 inches high.

Contestant spins marbles inside three 2-Liter bottles, then places bottles upside down in glasses so that no marbles fall out.

Deck the Balls
Contestants use empty gift-wrapping tubes to suck up ornaments and transfer them to each other and place them on hanging string.

Defying Gravity
Tap 3 balloons to keep them off the ground for a minute.

Dizzy Mummy
Unwind a roll of toilet paper by executing a series of 360-degree spins.

Do You Hear What I Hear?
Place boxes with different quantities of jingle bells inside in the correct order.

Don't Blow the Joker
Player must blow off 52 cards, leaving 1 on top of a glass bottle.

Don't Blow the Kings
Blow a deck of playing cards off of a serving tray leaving only the 4 kings.

Double Trouble
Using 1 hand, toss 2 balls at the same time so that they land in 2 separate pint glasses.

Drop Ball
Remove bottle that resting atop 5-gallon water jug so golf ball balanced on its cap falls into jug.

Drop Zone
Using looped string attached to a stand, roll plastic balls down string to drop into 3 buckets.

Drop, Sink & Clink
Drop 3 quarters into 3 shot glasses that are at the bottoms of 3 fishbowls filled with water.

Egg Dance
Balance two raw eggs, on two separate serving trays, and transport them to a final destination.

Egg Roll
Move eggs across the floor and into the target area by fanning the eggs with an empty pizza box.

Egg Tower
Construct a tower of towel rolls and eggs.

Egg Zone
Balance an egg on a football 4 times.

Elephant March
Knock over bottles with a baseball hanging from panty hose worn on the head.

Extreme Christmas Nutstacker
Stack 8 large metal nuts using only a candy cane on a tray held in the other hand.

Extreme Hanky Panky
Using a designated hand for each box, remove all tissues from 2 tissue boxes.

Extreme Nutstacker
Use a chopstick to stack ten nuts on a handheld cutting board.

Face the Cookie
Using only the face, move cookies from the forehead to the mouth.

Face the Gingerbread Man
Using only the face, move a gingerbread cookie from your forehead to your mouth.

Fish Head
While blindfolded, move a lampshade hanging from a fishing rod onto the head.

Flip Your Lid
Flip a cup at edge of a table onto a bottle.

Build a floating tower out of soda cans.

Get Forked
Roll quarters from behind a foul line so that one stands between the tines of a fork from a designated distance.

Gettin' Juggy With It
Contestant must stack 4 water jugs one on top of the other.

Glass Road Trucker
Align 8 empty glass bottles upside down and blow a ping-pong ball across the surface, landing it into a shot glass.

Go the Distance
Transport ping-pong balls across an extended tape measure so they rest in shot glasses at varying distances.

Hang 6 nails concurrently on a taught string.

Hang 6 hangers from a rod, from 1 to the other so that no hook rests in the corner of another hanger.

Hanky Panky
Using only 1 hand, pull all tissues out of a tissue box.

High Roller
Use a cup to vertically stack dice in towers of 3, 4 and 5.

High Strung
Use a string tied into a loop to pick up and transfer 1 egg, from the top of one large soda bottle to the

High as a Kite
With a kite attached to the back of a visor, run around the play area and keep the kite in flight for 60 seconds.

Holiday Hustle
Using yardsticks on their waists, teammates transfer ribbon to each other.

Holiday Kiss
Players transfer 3 Christmas ornaments from one string to another using only their lips.

Hoop De Loop
Using backspin, roll hula-hoops and attempt to land 3 around 7 full 2-liter soda bottles placed on the stage.

Blow 3 ping-pong balls along an 8-ft. inclined table top and into 3 horseshoes.

How's It Hangin'
Using a banana hanging on a string from the waist, player must guide 2 oranges into a hula hoop.

Hung with Care
Balance 3 candy canes on a string.

Hut, Hut, Hike
Bend over and hike toilet paper rolls between your legs and through a hoop 15 feet away.

Iron Board Man
Manuever opposite ends of an ironing board in an attempt to land a marble in one of three designated holes.

Jingle in the Trunk
Jump and shake to remove jingle bells from a tissue box that is affixed around the waist.

Johnny Applestack
Stack 5 apples on top of each other.

Junk In the Trunk
Wiggle a box that is attached to your waist filled with ping-pong balls until the box is empty.

Drop a broom onto a plate, catapulting a marshmallow into the air, then catch it in a cup.

Keep It Up
Player must use only their breath to keep feathers in the air for 60 seconds.

Ker Plink! or Plunk!
Bounce 3 marbles into 3 small bowls, which are floating in a large bowl filled with water.

Knock It Off
Player will swing a ball of yarn, attempting to knock over soda cans standing on the perimeter of a circle.

Layin' Track
Place staple sections into a path end to end on a slanted table. Roll a marble down the sections and into a glass.

Lower a stack of nuts and a ping pong ball onto an upright straw.

Player must lie on their stomach and roll 1 marble at a time to knock over 1 standing pencil.

Mad Dog
Empty two breath mint boxes attached to the ends of a ruler by shaking your head.

Magic Carpet Ride
Player must sit on a bathroom floor mat and use an inchworm technique to move around obstacles.

Marbles Grande
Play a giant game of marbles with a partner.

Mega Bubble
Player must blow a bubble through a hoop 15' away.

Merry Fishmas
Use a chopstick to collect 4 mini candy canes hanging over the edge of a table.

Nervous Nelly
Score a total of 500 clicks or more using 4 pedometers attached to the arms and legs.

Nice Build
Build a three-story mini-monument from 15 reams of paper.

Nimble Thimble
Player must bounce a marble into each of 6 thimbles.

Noodling Around
Pick up six penne noodles placed around the perimeter of a table using only a piece of uncooked spaghetti in your mouth.

Nose Dive
Player must transfer cotton balls, 1 at a time from 1 serving bowl to another using only petroleum jelly on the nose.

Pull three ribbons out from underneath inverted water bottles without knocking them over.

Office Fling
On an overturned chair, use a large rubber band around two legs to slingshot folded pieces of paper onto a desk.

Office Maximus
Knock over 3 reams of paper using rubber band balls from 16 feet away.

Office Tennis
Two players, using clipboards, volley a balled-up piece of paper into a waste paper basket 15 feet away.

Oh Nuts!
Using a ruler, stack 8 nuts with bolts screwed on the end.

On the Hook
Use a chopstick, string, and a paper clip to go fishing for keys.

On the Rebound
Contestant must bounce ping-pong balls off a clipboard worn by the partner and into 3 containers.

Paper Dragon
Player must un-spool 2 rolls of party streamers using only their hands and arms.

Paper Scraper
Player must build a tower of index cards, with each level consisting of two pre-bent cards with a flat card on top.

Penny Hose
Player must remove 1 penny from each leg of a pair of panty hose using only their hands.

Play It By Ear
Place cans with different quantities of pennies inside in the correct order.

Pop Top
Flip bottle caps placed around the edge of a table into a glass in the center of the table.

Propeller Head
Spin a wooden propeller into a distant basket.

Raise Your Glass
Stack 3 levels of glasses with tree ornaments plus an empty glass on top.

Raisin the Bar
Remove a raisin box from under an empty glass bottle without touching the bottle or causing it to fall over.

Rapid Fire
Player must shoot rubber bands to knock a triangle stack of 6 cans completely off a platform.

Ready Spaghetti
Using a shared pasta noodle, contestants must pick up soda cans and construct a 3-can pyramid.

Reindeer Nosedive
Players must transfer a ball attached to a string hanging in their mouth to their nose.

Roll With It
Unspool two rolls of toilet paper at the same time, using one hand for each.

Ruler of the World
Roll a marble down a yardstick and get it to rest in the hole at the end.

Scary Cherry
Blow on a Maraschino cherry hanging on dental floss and catch it in mouth and eat it.

Separation Anxiety
Player must separate a pile of 50 multicolored chocolate covered candies into 5 separate containers in a set color order.

Sharp Shooter
Use rubber bands to knock over 3 Ace playing cards standing on 3 clothespins.

Shoe Fly Shoe
Toss shoe onto a table using only a foot.

Snap, Crackle, Topple
Stack a row of 13 cereal boxes to spill the last one into a bowl.

Snowball Fight
Knock four balls off four podiums by bouncing ping-pong balls.

Speed Eraser
Player must bounce pencils into glasses.

Spin Doctor
Player uses hands to spin coin on a table. Second player stops coin on its edge using 1 finger.

Split the Uprights
Flick paper triangle footballs between 2 stacks of plastic cups and into a bowl.

Spoon Frog
Bang down on a spoon to propel another spoon into a glass.

Spoon Tune
Arrange glasses of water within 60 seconds so that they play a preselected song when tapped with a spoon.

Place 5 straws into potato and balance 5 chocolate-coated peanut candies on straws.

Stack Attack
Player must stack 36 plastic cups into a perfect triangle-shaped structure. Once that's completed, player must get the cups back into a single stack.

Stick To It
Bounce ping-pong balls toward a teammate who must catch 3 of them on lint rollers held in either hand.

Stick the Landing
Player must toss a water bottle onto a table and get it to land upright.

Sticker Picker Upper
Using one hand, contestant must roll egg on tray and attempt to pick up red stickers scattered sticky-side-up on the tray.

Sticky Balls
Player must roll marbles and stick them to a piece of double-sided tape laid across the end of the table.

Sticky Situation
Bounce a ping-pong ball onto piece of bread covered in peanut butter.

Super Coin
Player must bounce and land 1 quarter off of a table and into the opening of a 5-gallon water jug 15' away.

Tea Party
Flip two tea bags onto the bill of a baseball hat.

Temper Tantrum
Acquire a desired number of "steps" on pedometers attached to player's feet.

The Nutstacker
Player must create 1 stack of 10 large metal nuts by sliding them off a chopstick.

This Blows
Player must continually blow up a balloon and expel the air from it to knock cups off of a table.

Incrementally build a wobbly tower of cups and ping-pong balls by bouncing a ball off the ground into a growing stack of cups held

Player must drink liquid out of 3 soda cans and balance all 3 concurrently on their beveled edge.

Tortilla Head
Use swim flipper to flip tortilla onto plate that on top of the head.

Triple Pong Plop
Player must get 5 ping-pong balls into a fish bowl by bouncing them off 3 plates, lined up in front of the fish bowl.

Tweeze Me
Player must use tweezers to maneuver a Tic Tac through a tennis racket and land it in a cup.

Uphill Battle
Keep 3 marbles from falling off of a slanted table by tapping them uphill with the back of a spoon.

While standing on an elevated platform, drop a mint into a bottle of diet soda.

Well Done
In an overturned grill lid, dislodge 4 golf balls from 4 holes in the lid and then roll them back into place.

Wet Ball
Player must propel a balloon into a garbage can using only a spray bottle.

What a Racquet
Contestant must move a gumball across a racquet's nylon strings until it lands in the center square.

Wheel of a Deal
Player must separate 20 playing cards into 5 groups of identical cards, 1 at a time.

Player must use a towel affixed to the floor to whip a ping-pong ball into a laundry basket.

Worm Diving
Get a pretzel out of a fishbowl using a sticky gummy worm attached to the end of a fishing line.

Wreath Relay
Teammates transfer a wreath using only their bodies from shoulders up.

A total breath of fresh air rather than the usual Trip to Jerusalem isn't it? These best new parlor games are sure ways to fire up those gloomy office folks at your Christmas party or for that matter bored kids or kids at heart at your birthday party.

All games mentioned here are lifted from and courtesy of NBC's Minute to Win It.

'Till my next installment.

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