CastleVille Cheats, Hacks, Cheatcodes, Trainers, and Bots for Facebook

If you're looking for another Ville game from Zynga then here's CastleVille. If you've played FrontierVille or CityVille or FarmVille this game will not faze you.

One of the selling points of CastleVille is its amazing albeit 2D graphics. If you've watched any recent Disney flicks, you'll be delighted with this game because it totally screams of Shrek or whatever. In my side of the town, this is what I'd call a way cuter version of Runescape.

Anyway you've arrived at this page looking for CastleVille cheats, hacks, cheatcodes, trainers and bots for Facebook. You've come at the right place, just scroll down and learn the goodies.

CastleVille Cheats, Hacks, Cheatcodes, Trainers, and Bots for Facebook

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CastleVille Infinite Crowns and Fast Building Completion Crew Cheat

Mozilla Firefox
CastleVille Account
Backup of the original CastleVille directory file

1. Log-in your CastleVille account;
2. Open a new tab and copy paste the following line on the address bar: about:cache?device=disk;
3. Press Ctrl+F and search for a "gamesettings.xml" line. Click on it;
4. You should see something like this: C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ovnso2nk.default\Cache\xxxxx\xxxxx\ and a file name. Click on that directory and open the succeeding file with Notepad++;
5. Press Ctrl+F and find "Rafael's House". After locating it scroll down and search for the following lines. Copy the original file located here and save it for backup that would be used in step 9:

6. Change the located lines to the following:

7. Save the file and restart your CastleVille game. If your game fails to restart you have typed an error. Change the values and see if it works;
8. Collect the crowns from Rafael's House and use it to fill up your building with lots of crews. Finish your building with said crew;
9. CastleVille will encounter an error. Here's where you'll have to use that backup from step 5. Copy the backup file and paste it back in the original location. Restart the game;
10. Your building is now complete. Enjoy.
*Credits to slaugebabas

CastleVille Bot v0.05 Beta

Here's a CastleVille bot that would let you play more efficiently. It's currently in beta and as usual with beta releases bugs are to be expected and more updates will be rolled out as soon as it hits the web. Link to the free CastleVille bot download below:

Click here to download the free CastleVille bot
*Credits to roberto_feeder

These are currently the only CastleVille cheats, hacks, cheatcodes, trainers and bots for Facebook. I'll add more CastleVille cheats once coders roll out more updates.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Thanks for this! I love this game! I can not wait to play it now!

  2. how about for Mac users?

  3. notepad++ is failing to translate the language

  4. bot program contains malware

  5. hmmmm.. i dont get it on how to do this..first of all how do u back up the castleville file..then copy and paste wat..i dont see it..

  6. I'm randomly clicking for cheats and I came across this. :D going to try it! :O


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