Feng Shui Predictions for Year of the Water Dragon 2012

It's that time of the year again where fans of Chinese Feng Shui read predictions for the following year, 2012 to be exact. Last year we had the Metal Rabbit. This time it's either the Year of the Yang Water Dragon or the Year of the Earth Dragon in the Water Year. Go figure.

Anyway, I took it upon myself to look for websites or articles citing Feng Shui predictions for the Year of the Dragon on 2012. There's lots of articles about Water Dragon Feng Shui articles out there, but I'll shorten them here. Proceed below for Feng Shui Predictions for Year of the Water Dragon 2012.

Feng Shui Predictions for Year of the Water Dragon 2012

Feng Shui Predictions for Year of the Water Dragon 2012

Excerpt from Feng Shui Today:
The Year of the Dragon2012 in the Hsia calendar, is symbolized by two elements; with water sitting on top of earth. According to the cycle of birth and destruction, which governs the inter-relationship between the elements, earth is the destroyer of water and so they are on the destructive cycle and have a conflict relationship. This aspect is the same as the year of the Rabbit in 2011, which is metal over wood, also conflicting elements. Such conflicting elements usually mean the year will not be peaceful with more international conflicts and struggles coming up.

...But the more worrying aspect this year is natural disasters such as flooding and earthquakes. Yang water is powerful ocean water and Dragon is powerful earth, often associated with earthquakes. In history the most serious earthquake on record happened in the years of Dragon. Here below are the serious earthquakes of the last 5 Dragon years,1952 ( Water Dragon), 1964 ( Wood Dragon ), 1976 ( Fire Dragon ), 1988 ( Earth Dragon ), and 2000 ( Metal Dragon).

Excerpt from Feng Shui Mall:
The year 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon. From the reading of the stars and element relationships in the paht chee chart, this year is going to be a transformational life-changing year! Generally, there are more goodies in store for you in the year 2012 than 2011. It’s a good year to improve oneself, take calculated investment risks and to build wealth. The year 2012 holds much promise and may be a major transition in your life. Whether it turns out extremely good, or really bad, will depend on how you ride the mighty Water Dragon!

Excerpt from Water Dragon Inc.:
In 2012 the Yang Water Dragon Year starts January 23, 2012 and ends February 9, 2013. The energetic high point of the year is the dragon moon, which is from May 20 to June 18 (new moon is May 20, full moon is June 4 and dragon moon is over June 18. June 19 begins the snake moon, which will set up the energy for the following year, 2013, year of the yin water snake.)

It seems to me that Feng Shui predictions for the year of the Water Dragon in 2012 are a wee bit varying. Some say it would be a prosperous year for Earth and Water Dragons alike, while some are saying that 2012 would be a year riddled with natural disasters because water is incompatible with metal, the metal being the Metal Rabbit of 2011. Apparently water "would rust" the metal.

Ultimately, one's luck and fortune rests on the person. However lucky you are on a given year, if you're not going to do nothing about it then you'd feel unfortunate. It also goes the other way. No matter how unlucky you are for the Chinese, don't let the Year of the Water Dragon 2012 Feng Shui predictions stop you. They're just predictions after all.

Now, doomsayers are a totally different thing. Lots of fortune tellers out there would tell you that the world will end next year. I doubt it.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. I hope this year it will be good for me... and my career.. go year of the dragon!!ano kaya ang swerte ko

  2. Ok naman ang Feng Shui wala naman mawawala kung maniniwala kht konte. This year of Water Dragon parang magiging maganda hopefully.

  3. Year of the water dragon 2012 is the celebration of light.


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