Globe iPhone 4S Official Plans and Pricing in the Philippines

Globe outdid itself once again with their grand iPhone 4S launch party held at the Ayala Museum yesterday. There were DJs, music, lots of people eager for their iPhone 4S's. There was even a TV crew on standby.

Also, if you were Twitter-awake last night or last early morning (it's a perspective thing), you would've noticed that #globeiphone4s was the top trending tag for this country. Well, I dunno where the #smartiphone4s tweeters went, maybe they were too busy vying for that brand new Subaru Impreza STI raffle.

Anyway I'll spare you the small talk and instead show you Globe's official iPhone 4S plans and pricing in the Philippines.

globe iphone 4s official plans subscriptions and pricing in the philippines

Official Globe Postpaid Plans and Pricing for iPhone 4S*

iPhone 4S 16GB
  • Plan 1799: +P4,800.00 cash out
  • Plan 2499: Free
  • Plan 3799: Free
iPhone 4S 32GB
  • Plan 1799: +P10,080 cash out
  • Plan 2499: +P4,800 cash out
  • Plan 3799: Free
iPhone 4S 64GB
  • Plan 1799: +P15,096 cash out
  • Plan 2499: +P10,080 cash out
  • Plan 3799: +P4,800 cash out
*All plans include unlimited mobile internet

Globe iPhone 4S Plans Consumables and Freebies

Plan 3799: P2,800 consumable, 7 freebies**
Plan 2499: P1,500 consumable, 5 freebies**
Plan 1799: P800 consumable, 3 freebies**

**Globe freebies to choose from
  • A: 10 mins of calls & 200 SMS to Globe/TM
  • B: 5 mins of call & 25 SMS to other networks
  • C: 10 mins IDD & 10SMS to 10 international destination
  • D: Free Mobile surfing for 3 hours
  • E: Unlimited Call & Text to 1 Globe/TM number

I also heard that Globe would be having a trade-in scheme for their existing iPhone 4 subscribers today, December 16, 2011. The iPhone trade-in would be treated as a discount and is available to all Globe subscribers, whether postpaid or prepaid.

Globe will also cut 20% off on all iPhone 4 cases for all their subscribers until December 31, 2011. Good while supplies last.

Well, #smartiphone4s or #globeiphone4s, the carrier doesn't really matter. What matters are your new iPhone 4S and your happiness. But if you're really on the cheap, check SMART's version.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. arrrrghh, Gusto ko talaga mag ka meron nan, kung may pera lang talaga ako.

  2. My cousin shows us her new iPhone 4S. She said that its free with the Plan 1799 but there is a cash-out pala. Haha, nagastusan pala sya ng P10k.


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