How to Access Blocked Facebook Surfing at Office Workplace or School

Lunchtime at work and needing an FB break but doggone computer won't let you? That's what a blocked website is. Yes, slowly but surely offices and workplaces around the Metro—even schools!—are starting to ban the usage of social networking sites such as Facebook (because it allegedly decreases work efficiency) by blacklisting/blocking such sites or removing privileges from your computer. You can call your system administrator to give you back your computer privileges, though that's a long shot away from happening.

Don't fret just yet. You need to know how to access blocked sites. There are a plethora of ways to access Facebook and whatnot at your office-designated computer such as bringing your own computer. Kidding. Here's one for the less-experienced: Use proxy sites. Proxy sites are just that: They'd trick your computer into thinking that nothing wrong is happening thereby allowing you to surf like normal.

Here's a list of proxy sites that would help you run around Facebook and other banned sites blockades:

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How to Unblock Facebook Surfing at Office Workplace

1. Copy desired link from above;
2. Paste it in browser address bar and press Enter;
3. Enter Facebook username and password;
4. Voila, Facebook surfing.

Note: Be careful not to get caught while surfing. Not doing so could make your system administrator suspicious and block all proxy service websites;

So that's it for this post! Of course it would be ironic if you're a Facebook user yet you won't share this gem of a post. So share this post, tweet it, digg it, whatever platform you're using if you found this content helpful.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. I will try these websites in our office later. I'm just hoping if it works, I don't get caught. Haha!


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